Conservatories & Extensions

Install Herschel Far Infrared Heating into your conservatory or extension and enjoy using it all year round. Heaters can either be ceiling mounted or we have a specially designed conservatory heater designed to fit on a dwarf wall.

The Heating Solution for Conservatories & Extensions


Conservatory heating has traditionally been difficult due to the large open space combined with the poor insulation properties of all the glass. Historically your only option has been heating solutions that are expensive to install, run and maintain often relegating the conservatory use only to summer months.

Condensation often forms in conservatories as a result of heating the air but leaving walls and furniture cold. This causes mould and decoration problems.

Herschel infrared provides an effective conservatory heating solution because it is easy to install, efficient to run and has zero maintenance. Far Infrared warms the surfaces in the conservatory (like furniture and floors) and doesn’t warm the air. This maintains a consistent temperature that helps reduce mould and condensation.

With Herschel Infrared you can use your conservatory all year even during the colder season. Our specially designed Far Infrared heaters for conservatories are easy to mount from dwarf walls or ceilings & help eliminate damp and mould.


Our panels are ideal for heating extensions providing a simple, discreet and fully controllable heating solution without the hassle and expense of extending central heating “wet” systems.

Because they heat the walls, floors and ceilings, our panels are a great alternative to installing underfloor heating and operate far more efficiently and effectively than electric underfloor heating.

For loft conversions the ability to ceiling mount white panels frees up valuable wall space meaning more space for furniture.

Recommended heaters

Herschel Select WhiteSelect - White Framed Infrared Panel Heater

White heater with white aluminium frame.
For wall or ceiling installation.
5 year guarantee.

FROM £239.00239
Herschel Inspire WhiteInspire - White Frameless Infrared Panel Heater

Frameless, high quality White heater.
For wall or ceiling installation.
10 year guarantee.

FROM £347.00347
Herschel Aspect XLAspect XL 1300 / 1950

1300 & 1950 Watt wall-mounted heaters.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
5 year guarantee. IPX4.

FROM £407.00407
Herschel Summit 2600SUMMIT 2600

2600 Watt Ceiling or Wall-mounted.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
Optional Remote Control.
2 year guarantee. IP65.

FROM £499.00499
Herschel California 2000RCALIFORNIA 2000

2000 Watt Ceiling, Wall or Stand-alone.
Warm Glow. Medium Infrared.
Remote Control.
2 year guarantee. IP65.

£359.00 inc. VAT359
Herschel Advantage IR3 BlackAdvantage IR 1300 / 1950

1300 & 1950 Watts wall mounted.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
5 year guarantee. IPX4.

FROM £330.00330
Herschel Advantage IR360IR360 1950

1950 Watts Ceiling hung heater.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
5 year guarantee. IP20.

£575.00 inc. VAT575
Colorado Warm Glow HeaterCOLORADO 2500

2500 Watt Ceiling, Wall or Stand-alone.
Warm Glow. Medium Infrared.
Optional Remote Control.
2 year guarantee. IP55.

FROM £347.00347


R1 Wireless receiverHerschel iQ R1 Wireless Receiver

Herschel iQ Thermostatic Receiver, an effective wireless receiver unit for Thermostatic control of Infrared heaters using Herschel’s iQ system.

£38.00 inc. VAT38

Case Studies

Customer brief: To improve the warmth of their home and reduce heating bills

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Customer brief: To install ceiling-mounted panels as a quick and cost effective alternative to underfloor heating.

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Customer Brief: To provide the heating for a brand new orangery and for the heating to blend in with the new and stylish decor.

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“Our holiday home is snug, dry and warm: for the first time. Herschel panels have transformed our home. Happy customers.”

I wish I’d known about Herschel sooner. They were very professional and the infrared heaters have been the finishing touch to make our house feel like a home. I’ve already recommended them to other people.

Period 1350 Thatched Property

The design started with sliding doors, lino and a convection heater. As the scheme came together, however, the beautiful bi-fold doors begged for a more interesting floor covering so ceramic tiles were chosen. While these can be cool in the summer, the design needs the right sort of heating to be beautifully warm in the winter. The ceiling mounted Herschel heater had the benefits of radiant heat, from above, without the expense and disruption of under floor heating.

Tim Sharples, Partner, Cedar Nursery

Commercial Clients

Tennyson Homes