Industrial Units

Herschel Far Infrared provides a cost effective space heater solution for large industrial areas.

The Industrial Unit Solution

Industrial Unit heating has traditionally been the preserve of Gas “SpaceRay”-type heaters or more recently Quartz Halogen heaters.

Gas heaters are not only expensive to purchase and install but as they are regulated in public spaces (Confined Spaces Regulation 1887) they are also subject to annual safety inspections, making them very expensive to maintain as well.

Quartz heaters are useful in process heating applications or for fast warm-up of an area, but they are not particularly suitable for “Comfort Heating”. The emitted heat is too fierce and safety guidelines require the heaters to be out of direct line-of-sight of workers because of the harsh glaring light.

At Herschel our unique Space heaters provide a cost effective, efficient means for heating large indoor spaces. They work particularly well where zoned or localised is heating is required.

The Herschel Advantage range provides a number of different heaters depending on the application needed.

If you are looking for a solution for a large space with a high-ceiling or an attractive solution in a public area then the Herschel Pulsar is our designer space heater and may be the heater choice for you.

Recommended Heaters

Herschel Advantage IRP4 (ceiling mounted)

Herschel Pulsar (ceiling mounted)

Herschel Advantage IR360 (ceiling mounted)

Herschel Advantage IR3 (wall-mounted)

Herschel Advantage IR2 (wall mounted)

Case Studies

To provide a new heating solution to replace an ineffective system

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Customer brief: To maintain a consistent temperature within the paint shop so the environment is continually dry and free of air moisture, creating the perfect conditions for drying.

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Mitie were instructed by the client to look at cost savings and reduction of energy consumption across the occupied estate.
One key area was a reduction in heating costs and Herschel were approached to see how Far Infrared electric heating could achieve this and provide a more efficient and effective way of heating four areas.

Mitie and the Client are now monitoring the overall energy savings and reduced consumption and ratifying these in accordance with International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). This provides best practice techniques for verifying results of energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy projects in commercial and industrial facilities.
Herschel Far Infrared products are now being considered for a number of other projects.

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Customer brief: To replace mobile gas blowers which were ineffective, noisy and costly.

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Customer brief: To heat a very large area cost effectively and as efficiently as possible.

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