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Warehouse & Industrial Units

Herschel Infrared supply industrial heaters for warehouse heating and heating of industrial units.

Heaters for Workshops, Warehouses and Industrial Units

We offer cost effective, highly efficient infrared space heaters that will provide comfortable heating whatever your application.

Our warehouse and industrial heaters are the preferred choice for replacement of old gas and electric convection heating. Our heaters are also suitable as additional supplementary heating of cold areas.

Our heaters are all long life and we offer a variety of solutions from ceramic based far infrared heaters to warm glow infrared. Unlike convection based systems, our heaters can be positioned to heat specific zones, for example a workstation, machining area or isles within a warehouse. Infrared directly heats people and the objects within the zone, providing heat where you want it, when you want it. Significant energy savings can be made by heating specific areas and not the entire volume of the building.

All of the warehouse heaters within our range are easy to install, zero maintenance, completely silent and long life. They can be suspended, ceiling or wall mounted. Control options include remote control, programmed and push button timer, depending on requirements.

Recommended Heaters


2600 Watt Ceiling or Wall-mounted.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
Optional Remote Control.
2 year guarantee. IP65.

FROM £499.00
Advantage IR 1300 / 1950

1300 & 1950 Watts wall mounted.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
5 year guarantee. IPX4.

FROM £330.00
IR360 1950

1950 Watts Ceiling hung heater.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
5 year guarantee. IP20.

£575.00 inc. VAT

2500 Watt Ceiling, Wall or Stand-alone.
Warm Glow. Medium Infrared.
Optional Remote Control.
2 year guarantee. IP55.

FROM £347.00


Case Studies

Low energy factory powered fully by renewable energy Read more
Customer brief: to locate an industrial heating solution to maintain comfort and productivity during the winter. Read more
Customer brief: To maintain a consistent temperature within the paint shop so the environment is continually dry and free of air moisture, creating the perfect conditions for drying. Read more
Mitie were instructed by the client to look at cost savings and reduction of energy consumption across the occupied estate. One key area was a reduction in heating costs and Herschel were approached to see how Far Infrared electric heating could achieve this and provide a more efficient and effective way of heating four areas. Mitie and the Client are now monitoring the overall energy savings and reduced consumption and ratifying these in accordance with International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). This provides best practice techniques for verifying results of energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy projects in commercial and industrial facilities. Herschel Far Infrared products are now being considered for a number of other projects. Read more
Customer brief: To replace mobile gas blowers which were ineffective, noisy and costly. Read more
Customer brief: To heat a very large area cost effectively and as efficiently as possible. Read more


“The heaters were simple to install, silent in operation and feature no ongoing maintenance. You can feel the heat within a couple of minutes and the area remains warm for some time after the heaters are turned off. We only need to heat a specific area of the warehouse, and the area is not in constant use. Herschel Infrared is the ideal industrial heating solution, providing comfort when and where needed.” Eugene Donnelly, Dalradian Gold

“Rather than heat the entire space, much of which is storage or rarely in use for any length of time, we use three heaters to maintain comfort in the main work areas in the studio. The heaters were fast and simple to install, and cost significantly less than a boiler based system. Running costs are predictable and the heat is very natural and comfortable. Because the space heaters focus heat in a defined area, I can heat the area where I’m working rather than the whole space which reduces running costs. I’m also able to keep working when the cold would have slowed me down in the past”. Andrea Spencer

“I just wanted to thank you for your advice on the type and number of fittings to keep our paint shop drying area warm and dry (from air moisture), they work perfectly, thank you.
The units are really compact and suit our requirements to a tee, we now have a happy spray team”.

Welham Distribution Centre

“We decided to switch to Herschel Infrared heating for our trade counter and showroom as our previous overhead heaters had become ineffective and were failing to keep our staff and customers warm.   Different heater types were installed to suit each area and the installation was incredibly quick.  Feedback from both staff and customers is that they are noticeably warmer when it’s cold so we are more than satisfied with the switch to Herschel Far Infrared heaters”.

Jason Rothwell, Howarth Timber.

“You wouldn’t believe the difference it’s made…as certainly makes it comfortable for the team to work whilst based in that area!”

Commercial Clients

Magnox - Chapel Cross Power Station

Herschel Space heaters in use with Interserve - Harwell B

Hearschel heats Howarth Timber's showroom

Herschel Space heaters are installed in SG Gaming offices

Herschel IRP4 industrial heaters in use at RDC

Herschel heaters used in a number of Mitie clients