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Energy efficient, no hassle heating for educational buildings: schools, universities. Students warmed quickly and efficiently

Revolutionary heating for schools & student accommodation

Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint for school & university renovations (energy savings up to 60%);

  • Ease of install, reducing time on site. Systems installed as a whole solution or alongside current heating (not just during holidays);
  • Provides a consistent heat, eliminating cold spots. Heat loss through open doors, windows and poor insulation is reduced;
  • Individually tailor the heating to the requirements for different environments, control centrally or locally;
  • Provide a zoned heating solution for all spaces including entrance/reception, corridor, offices, sports halls, cafeterias, theatres, workshops and covered external areas;
  • Release teaching space by ceiling mounting heaters, slimline wall-mounted options also available;
  • No ongoing maintenance of the system; with warranties of up to 5 – 10 years;
  • Helps reduce damp, condensation, mould and mildew by heating the thermal mass of the building;
  • Reduced air movement so less dust and other air particles moved when heating.

It’s no wonder that schools, universities and student accommodation providers are turning to Herschel Infrared as their heating system of choice, the benefits for both property managers and occupiers are numerous.

The heaters are ultra slimline meaning they project much less than other heater types when wall mounting and alternatively they can be ceiling mounted enabling wall space to be completely freed up.

Herschel heaters offer better comfort levels, see our feedback from a recent install, as well as improved levels of control. Herschel provides a complete heating control system, including wireless thermostat systems, giving more control and visibility of consumption.

Our infrared technology does not heat the air, like convection heating, but heats the fabric of the building enabling the building itself to radiate heat, saving energy consumption.

The heaters can be retrofitted very simply to existing buildings, with minimal disruption and apply equally well to new schemes.

With no maintenance, silent operation, zero fumes and the ability to link with renewable energy, Herschel infrared heating provides a pioneering heating solution for thousands of university bedrooms.

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Herschel iQ R1 Wireless ReceiverHerschel iQ R1 Wireless Receiver

Herschel iQ Thermostatic Receiver, an effective wireless receiver unit for Thermostatic control of Infrared heaters using Herschel’s iQ system.

£38.00 inc. VAT38


Case Studies

Customer brief: to replace ineffective heating and warm reception staff desk

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Customer brief: To provide a heating solution for cold classrooms.

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“We successfully installed the Herschel Pulsar units at our site in Paddington.  They look great and are working very well keeping the reception staff comfortable. They have proved great for our staff morale, are very safe and overcome the challenges on our site around air flow and stratification.  A very elegant solution. Thanks for such a great product and the advice around the installation”.

[Comparing Select XL to existing electric convector]

On the ‘feel’ of the heat:

“It felt like a warm summer’s day, not like a heater, & was very comfortable”. “Old heaters were more stuffy, this one felt a lot better”. “I can feel the heat all over the room, & it feels like being surrounded by warm water rather than having a heater on”.

On the levels of heat / temperatures:

“Really very good, very satisfied”. “Works a lot better than the old heater & seems to hold the heat better”.

On the speed of warming up:

“Heats very quickly, literally in matter of minutes. I can turn it on go & make a cup of tea, & the room will feel warm when I get back”. “Very quickly, its hot in 5 minutes”.

On changing anything:

“No. It looks so much better & takes up much less space than the old heater”. “Not really, I prefer the new heater”.

On heat loss:

“Not a problem”. “The room seemed to stay warm for a long time”

Commercial Clients

Suffolk County Council

Essex County Council

City of Westminster College