Energy efficient, no hassle heating for schools and educational buildings

Revolutionary heating for schools

Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint for new build schools (energy savings up to 60%);

  • Ease of install, reducing time on site. Systems installed as a whole solution or alongside current heating (not just during holidays);
  • Provides a consistent heat, eliminating cold spots. Heat loss through open doors, windows and poor insulation is reduced;
  • Individually tailor the heating to the requirements for different environments, control centrally or locally;
  • Provide a zoned heating solutionĀ for all spaces including entrance/reception, corridor, offices, sports halls, cafeterias, theatres, workshops and covered external areas;
  • Release teaching space by ceiling mounting heaters, slimline wall-mounted options also available;
  • No ongoing maintenance of the system; with warranties of up to 5 – 10 years;
  • Helps reduce damp, condensation, mould and mildew by heating the thermal mass of the building;
  • Reduced air movement so less dust and other air particles moved when heating.

Recommended Heaters

Herschel Select Ceiling panel

Herschel Pulsar

Herschel Select White

Herschel Select XL White


Case Studies

Customer brief: To provide a heating solution for cold classrooms.

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