Retail Premises

Herschel’s range of infrared heaters is completely changing the way retail premises are heated, providing cost effective, stylish, comfortable warmth for employees and customers. Our solutions are programmable remotely allowing you to control the heat to meet your specific requirements.

The Shop Heating Solution

Our ceiling grid heaters are perfect for heating entire shops or as a top up for colder zones within larger premises. The infrared heat is radiated down keeping the heat source out of reach of customers and employees. Easy to install and control, they are discrete, efficient and maintenance free.

Our space heating range is an ideal alternative or compliment to air curtains and convection heating which is expensive to run and impossible to zone. Our space heaters provide comfortable heating in areas which are otherwise hard to heat or suffer from draughts (such as entranceways and exposed till areas). With zero light and a range of control options our heaters can be wall, ceiling mounted or suspended to heat the required area effectively and efficiently. Staff often suffer from lack of sufficient warmth in these areas which is why leading retailers are choosing Herschel to keep both staff and customers warm during the winter months.  With no moving parts our heaters are long life and maintenance free.

Recommended Heaters

Herschel Aspect XLAspect XL 1300 / 1950

1300 & 1950 Watt wall-mounted heaters.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
5 year guarantee. IPX4.

FROM £407.00407
Herschel Summit 2600SUMMIT 2600

2600 Watt Ceiling or Wall-mounted.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
Optional Remote Control.
2 year guarantee. IP65.

FROM £499.00499
Herschel California 2000RCALIFORNIA 2000

2000 Watt Ceiling, Wall or Stand-alone.
Warm Glow. Medium Infrared.
Remote Control.
2 year guarantee. IP65.

£359.00 inc. VAT359


R1 Wireless receiverHerschel iQ R1 Wireless Receiver

Herschel iQ Thermostatic Receiver, an effective wireless receiver unit for Thermostatic control of Infrared heaters using Herschel’s iQ system.

£38.00 inc. VAT38

Case Studies

Customer brief: to provide a warm environment for staff and customers

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Customer brief: to provide an effective heating solution for customers and staff at the counter

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Customer brief: to keep customers and staff warm particularly near the store entrance

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The national charity store is running a pilot scheme installing Herschel Far Infrared heaters in a dozen shops around the UK including Scotland, the outskirts of London, East Anglia and the South Coast.
A selection of Herschel heaters is being installed, depending on the store specification, including space heaters and Select suspended ceiling panels.

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“We decided to switch to Herschel Infrared heating for our trade counter and showroom as our previous overhead heaters had become ineffective and were failing to keep our staff and customers warm.   Different heater types were installed to suit each area and the installation was incredibly quick.  Feedback from both staff and customers is that they are noticeably warmer when it’s cold so we are more than satisfied with the switch to Herschel Far Infrared heaters”.

Jason Rothwell, Howarth Timber.

Commercial Clients

Costa Coffee


Cancer Research UK

Caffe Nero

All Saints