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Heating Solutions for Student Accommodation

It’s no wonder that universities and student accommodation providers are turning to Herschel Infrared as their heating system of choice, the benefits for both property managers and occupiers are numerous.

The heaters are ultra slimline meaning they project much less than other heater types when wall mounting and alternatively they can be ceiling mounted enabling wall space to be completely freed up.

Herschel heaters offer better comfort levels, see our feedback from a recent install, as well as improved levels of control. Herschel provides a complete heating control system, including wireless thermostat systems, giving more control and visibility of consumption.

Our infrared technology does not heat the air, like convection heating, but heats the fabric of the building enabling the building itself to radiate heat, saving energy consumption.

The heaters can be retrofitted very simply to existing buildings, with minimal disruption and apply equally well to new schemes.

With no maintenance, silent operation, zero fumes and the ability to link with renewable energy, Herschel infrared heating provides a pioneering heating solution for thousands of university bedrooms.

Recommended Heaters

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Case Studies

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