Where to use

Our Herschel range of Infrared heating systems is the most comprehensive in the world. We have heaters to suit any application, from Domestic through to Commercial, Industrial and Outdoor heating.

Herschel has an unrivalled track record of the widest range of Infrared applications.


The properties of radiant heat mean that infrared is an effective and efficient heating solution for all the applications listed above and many more. Our range of infrared heaters offers solutions for all sized buildings, all ages, whether new build or period property, and all types of interior.

From yoga studios to the latest exclusive new bar, from statement buildings showcasing architectural flair to the renovation and refurbishment of a housing development, everyone is turning to Herschel Infrared.

Take a look at our extensive list of case studies and see how Herschel is changing the way we heat ourselves.

Contact us if you would like help specifying your project or take a look at which heaters will suit your requirements best.