At Herschel we believe in heating solutions that are carbon zero to run and achieve reduced running costs. Our Beyond Zero philosophy is not just about sustainability, it is also about human comfort and wellbeing and that starts at home.

Better for you


Healthy heating

Infrared heating provides the most comfortable warmth available, used throughout the wellness industry for its health benefits. A natural, fresher feeling of heat.

Healthier for your home

Healthy buildings

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Our heating promotes healthier living environments – minimising condensation, mould and dust circulation – and in turn a healthy solution for us.

Kinder for our planet

Efficient electric heating

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Our heaters are amongst the most efficient you can buy and, when powered by renewable energy, have a vital role in decarbonising heating and achieving net zero.

Better for you

Healthier for your home

Kinder for our planet

Embodied Carbon and Sustainability of Materials used in Production

We will consider the materials used in manufacture, seeking to minimise where possible, to ensure our lowest possible embodied carbon to manufacture.

Embodied carbon

We will design our heaters to last a lifetime, to be fully and easily repairable and keep availability of replacement components to ensure that our heaters should never need to reach an end of life.

We are also aiming for the lowest possible lifecycle impact – from minimising embedded carbon on production through to maximum recyclability and reuse at end of life. Our heaters are already long life, we plan to design them to be fully repairable so they never need to reach end of life.

inspire white frameless panel

We will review our work processes, systems and operations

We will minimise business travel, move to 100% electric company vehicles and power our warehouses and offices with renewable energy, operating within low energy consumption buildings.

Herschel Vulcan 4kW Heater heating a metal pressing workarea

Minimising environmental impact

We will design and use packaging which minimises material usage, is made from recycled materials and eliminate single use plastics. We will transport our heaters using the lowest C02 we can per delivery, carefully selecting our couriers and logistics partners that share these aims.


A greener future & a natural feeling of warmth

We believe that our heaters should form a stylish part of the home or building environment and should enhance that environment not spoil it, they should be easy, quick and cheap to install. With a huge range of designs and models available, you’ll easily find the perfect heating solution for your home.

We believe that people should be comfortably warm without a negative impact on the environment. We achieve this by delivering comfortable heat efficiently and effectively without having to heat entire volumes of air.

Our heaters warm surfaces and don’t rely on the circulation of air – reducing the movement of dust particles and the creation of damp and condensation.

A greener future

The lotus flower symbolises wellness and transformation

radiant lotusHerschel heat is the heating our bodies were designed to receive and is often used in the wellness industry, including saunas and hot yoga. This beautiful radiant lotus represents our Beyond Zero mission:  to play a significant role in the transition to Zero Carbon homes & deliver Beyond Zero living in the form of improved comfort, healthier environments and beautifully designed homes.

Using Herschel Infrared in the COP26 House

Zero carbon COP26House at COP26 in GlasgowHerschel is part of a collaborative group, Beyond Zero Homes, to build the ‘COP26 House’. A Zero Carbon, timber-frame house that showcases what’s possible in Zero Carbon building &living – built by 20+ organisations with the shared goal of maximising sustainability.  For the COP26 summit on 1-12 November 2021, the COP26 House is being built close to the Glasgow conference site. After the event, it will be rebuilt at a site near Aviemore along with 12 affordable homes. More information on Beyond Zero Homes and the COP26 House can be found here.