We are proud to have been featured on a number of highly popular Property Development TV programmes over the years, including multiple features on BBC One’s DIY SOS, BBC Two’s Your Home Made Perfect and Channel 4’s Extraordinary Extensions. As market leaders in infrared heating, take a look at why Herschel Infrared have been chosen for various televised projects.


In 2019 we featured on BBC One for the Children in Need Special of DIY SOS, since then we have worked with the DIY SOS team to support two projects in 2021/2022, these being DIY SOS: The Big Build Southmead and DIY SOS: The Big Build in Stoke, both of which were featured on BBC One.

Herschel team with DIY SOS at Blackburn

DIY SOS: The Big Build in Blackburn

We were thrilled to be part of the DIY SOS Big Build in November 2019, their Children in Need Special for BBC One. The mammoth transformation project saw the DIY SOS team convert a rundown 19th Century church hall into newly designed accommodation for homeless young people in Blackburn.

Nick Knowles and the rest of the DIY SOS team, with support from tradespeople and volunteers across the UK, completed this ambitious project for Nightsafe, a fantastic charity which provides support to homeless people between the ages of 16 to 24. The emotional episode, which aired on TV on 13 November 2019, saw the old hall transform into modern accommodation, innovatively designed by Gabrielle Blackman, to provide short-term housing as well as communal support areas.

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Herschel were delighted to donate over £6k in value of infrared heating panels plus Summit heaters, all with App-enabled control, to this deserving cause. Warm, cosy accommodation has been created for these homeless young people and the feedback from Nightsafe is that they are thrilled with the results of the entire project. Both the CEO of Nightsafe and Gabrielle Blackman, Interior Designer on DIY SOS, have complemented the look and performance of our infrared heaters:

Nightsafe: “Huge thanks for coming and again for everything you have done for our young people ? #NightsafeHeroes.

Gabrielle Blackman: “Thank you for providing such an amazing product. So thoughtfully designed by your team and perfect for this project on every way. ❤️❤️❤️”.

Super proud at Herschel to have been involved and been able to help out this special project. Keep an eye out for the case study, following shortly.

Herschel heaters used for DIY SOS The Big Build

As seen on TV with Pudsey

Herschel Summit as seen on DIY SOS

DIY SOS The Big Build Donation heated by Herschel Infrared

DIY SOS: The Big Build in Stoke

The DIY SOS Big Build in Stoke aired on BBC1 on 7 June 2022 and saw the DIY SOS team transform some unused wasteland into a multi-functional space to encourage community involvement, education and wellbeing.  This particular project focussed on sustainability, promoting reusability and the use of sustainable products and processes.

Shipping containers were again used and combined with solar panels to create a fantastic indoor suite for the community to enjoy. Electric Select XLS infrared panels were ceiling-mounted to ensure the interior was kept cosy in the winter.

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Kitchen area heated by Herschel Infrared

Living space heated by Herschel Infrared

DIY SOS transformation project

Discreet Herschel Infrared heating panels donated to a DIY SOS project

DIY SOS: The Big Build in Southmead

Southmead Development Trust is a resident-led charity which is working to improve wellbeing and employment across the local community in Southmead, Bristol.

The Trust recently took on the running of ‘The Ranch’, the local Adventure Playground, which was built by local residents and has previously been a well-used part of the community, enjoyed for many generations. Sadly, this local playground has fallen into disrepair more recently and is now unfit for purpose. The Trust see the community playground site as a valuable asset that could bring the community together and improve overall wellbeing and resilience.

In addition to the outdoor play area and sports pitches, The Ranch will also have some indoor community space including a shipping container that will be converted into a music space. The DIY SOS team contacted our team to discuss their requirements for a heating system to heat the shipping container.

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Herschel Infrared used to heat a shipping container for DIY SOS in a new music suite

Herschel panels used to heat a shipping container for DIY SOS

Discreet Herschel Infrared heating panels donated to a DIY SOS project

As seen on TV on Your Home made Perfect

BBC Two Your Home Made Perfect

We’re big fans of the latest home renovation programme on BBC Two, Your Home Made Perfect, and so were very excited when TV Architect Laura Jane Clark specified our infrared heaters in her design for a garden room. Your Home Made Perfect uses the latest virtual reality technology to showcase both Architects competing designs, thereby enabling the homeowners to see each design in real detail before choosing.

Infrared heating is described on the show as “an energy efficient heating system that frees up wall space usually covered by radiators” and Laura Jane Clark details how “these garden rooms get quite damp and infrared heating is brilliant”.

Laura has worked with infrared heating on many other projects and says: “I always spec them in old houses and my #undergroundtoiletconversion @herschel_infrared are your people”

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Heating a new build extension as seen on Channel 4's Extraordinary Extensions

Channel 4 Extraordinary Extensions

Featured on Channel 4’s Extraordinary Extensions (Series 2, episode 2, January 2024), and hosted by Tinie Tempah, Simon wanted to extend his 1960s home in Essex whilst ensuring there was no detrimental impact to the existing footprint. As you’ll see from the photos, the extension has more than achieved its aim. The extension has been beautifully designed, renovated and decorated, transforming their home by adding extra space and creating the perfect modern living environment.

The extension has been heated by a combination of our infrared panel heating ranges. The white infrared panels are ceiling-mounted either side of the kitchen island, providing cosy warmth directly over the central living space whilst discreetly blending into the white painted ceiling.

In addition, our popular Select XLS Round panels are sited over the dining area, their stylish grey finish complementing the grey windows and kitchen and ensuring a sleek, eye-catching finish.

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Herschel Select XLS Round and White Panels installed on ceiling

Herschel Infrared panels are stylish and perfectly compliment modern home extensions and living spaces - as seen on Channel 4's Extraordinary Extensions

As seen on Channel 4's Extraordinary Extensions

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Herschel Infrared TV Advert

Take a look at our TV advert which launched on TV in 2020.

Our TV ad features our Inspire range of infrared heaters, including the Inspire Picture, Inspire White and Inspire Mirror panels, all seamlessly blending into the interior.

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The Smart Route to Net Zero - Filming with Fully Charged

We had a fantastic time filming with Robert Llewellyn to showcase how infrared offers a green, electric solution for those looking to decarbonise their heating and help deliver against the UK’s net zero targets. Jane and Paul, from our Herschel team, discuss all things ‘Herschel Infrared’ with Robert, including the results from a test by an independent university. These compare the efficiency, running costs and comfort levels of infrared versus an air source heat pump as well as an electric convector heater. The team discuss the many benefits of infrared, alongside these test results, to showcase how Herschel Infrared heating offers a very compelling electric heating solution that is readily available for the market now.

The full 15 minute video can be watched here.

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Whether you are looking to update your whole house heating system, heat an extension, a single room or just add some top-up warmth for a colder room, Herschel offers a practical and accessible solution for all. Infrared delivers an efficient, comfortable electric solution that can be installed on a room-by-room basis and works alongside solar and renewables.

Robert Llewellyn has purchased Herschel Infrared panels and shares his feedback in the video: “I’ve recently had some of their panels fitted in my home as part of a much bigger refit to go fully electric and I absolutely love them”.

As Featured on Everything Electric Show

We were thrilled to welcome Imogen and the rest of the team at Everything Electric to film in our state-of-the-art UK Production Facility in Bristol, discussing how the Herschel Halo is the perfect heating solution for heritage buildings.

Watch as Imogen visits St Matthew’s Church in Bristol and All Saints’ Church in Martock to see the beautiful Halo heaters in action, as well as discussing the troubles Churches face when it comes to heating, and why Halo offers the ideal solution.

More about Church Heating
Filming with Fully Charged team

Imogen from Fully Charged in UK Production Facility

Imogen from Fully Charged with Herschel team

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Talking Infrared with Herschel on the Fully Charged Podcast

The Fully Charged Podcast - hosted by Robert Llewellyn

We were thrilled to be invited to talk to Robert Llewellyn about the electrification of heating on the Fully Charged Podcast. As the number 1 Clean Energy and Electric Vehicle show, the Fully Charged & Everything Electric Show is a leading voice in the global energy transition to stop burning gas and switch from fossil fuels to electric heating.

Take a listen to their Electric Heat podcast, featuring Paul Morey and Matt Dodds, and hear the discussions on our electric infrared heating.

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Talking Infrared with Emma Newman on Imagining Tomorrow podcast

Imagining Tomorrow Podcast

Hugo-Award winning podcaster, Emma Newman, has created the Imagining Tomorrow podcast in partnership with Friends of the Earth to explore successful community action alongside exciting developments in technology, with a view to creating positive visions of the future.

Listen as Paul Morey and Matt Dodds discuss how our Halo heaters convert electricity into radiant heat – radiant heating is unique in its ability to be zoned, and provides a highly efficient form of comfort heating for large spaces. The episode can also be viewed on YouTube.

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