Herschel Infrared Case Studies Factory Heating – Kingspan

Factory Heating – Kingspan

Heat a factory efficiently with Herschel Infrared Power range

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Kingspan, in Belgium, were looking for the most effective solution to heat a factory. They were looking for a solution that would keep occupants warm whilst also managing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The factory has had the Herschel Power range installed in order to provide spot heating within key working zones. The specification team worked on providing heating to 8 x defined working zones. Using infrared to uniquely heat in this way, ensuring that comfort heating is delivered precisely where and when required, infrared provides a highly efficient solution for large spaces and avoids the need to heat the entire space. Precise control in this way is achievable through the use of thermostats and PIR sensors. This ensures the heaters are only used when occupiers are there, delivering the required comfort levels alongside efficiency in running costs.

23 x Power 4 (3.2kW) heaters have been installed, resulting in a total wattage for the space of 73.60 kW.

An equivalent, alternative convector heating system would need a minimum of c.275kW, and possibly more, in order to provide heating for the whole hall area. By using zonal heating, the infrared specification equates to just 26.8% of a comparable convector wattage thereby saving on energy consumption and costs.

The total project cost (supply & install) of the infrared solution is approximately €52k.

Compared to a Heat Pump system
Comparing the infrared system to a heat pump and taking into consideration the full lifetime costs of the heating system (supply, install, running costs, annual maintenance fees, replacement costs), the overall balance is in favour of infrared even with a heat pump coefficient of 1/4. The elements within the Power infrared system have an estimated lifetime of 7,000-10,000 hours.

Herschel Power infrared heaters installed to heat a factory

The Herschel Power range is a powerful and efficient industrial heating solution for large spaces such as warehouses and workshops. Available in two colour finishes and three wattages (3.2kW, 4.8kW, 6.4kW), the UK manufactured Power range provides the ideal solution to heat a factory and can play a pivotal role in achieving corporate net zero targets.

Herschel Power range to heat a factory efficiently

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Power 4 Industrial Heater

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