Herschel Infrared Case Studies Patio Heater: Colorado

Patio Heater: Colorado

Heating a garden patio area with the Herschel Colorado 2.5kw heaters

"The garden now feels like another room in our house."


Surin got in contact with us as she was looking to heat her outside patio area and wanted some advice on what heater would be the most efficient for her space. The garden space is great for socialising with friends and family but the use of it is limited to when the weather is warm. She wanted to make more use of the area all year round which is why she came to Herschel for some stylish and effective outdoor heaters.


Our sales team reviewed the space, dimensions, airflow and mounting considerations and recommended two 2.5kw Herschel Colorado heaters as the best fitting heater for the area. They were wall-mounted and installed at a height which maximised the heat output due to the airflow of the space.


We purchased two heaters for our outdoor space. The service to help us decide on which ones to go with was excellent. I must say the garden now feels like another room in our house. We are very pleased with the product and happy to recommend. The installation was simple. Looking forward to using them throughout the winter months.

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