Herschel Infrared Case Studies Studio Flat Renovation

Studio Flat Renovation

The objective of the flat renovation was "to achieve an economically efficient home".

"Love the infrared heating panels that are fitted on my ceiling".


Sarah was looking to undertake a complete refurbishment of a standard 1960s purpose built flat NSBRC. She was looking to ‘transform it into an easy, economical, living space just for myself, that would be easy to maintain, that included some forward-thinking sustainable aspects, and that would suit an uncluttered look and feel. I wanted to achieve an economically efficient home’.  Paramount to Sarah was that she was looking for a ‘sustainable, economical and energy efficient method of heating the space’.  It previously had a small old gas boiler for the water,  and an old electric heater in the studio living space.

The property is a studio flat with one large studio room then a kitchen, bathroom and hallway. Sarah completed the full renovation in line with her three month schedule to create a sustainable and easy to maintain studio space.


Select XLS White infrared panels were ceiling mounted throughout providing a space-saving heating solution that fit Sarah’s requirement to ‘create a modern, easy, clean, energy efficient, space-enhancing, light, airy and comfortable feel to this small studio space’. More details of Sarah’s complete flat renovation are available on the NSBRC’s website including a video testimonial of her renovation project where she shares her fantastic feedback on her infrared heating panels.

Both Sarah, and the NSBRC, are very impressed by her low level of monthly outgoings and Sarah credits this “mainly because of the infrared panel heating that I’ve chosen which is an amazing way of heating this small space. It’s a really efficient way of heating, it really heats up quickly and…..I don’t need to have them on all the time even when its really cold as the rooms do retain the heat really well. The other reason why I chose the heating system was because I like the idea I can put them on the ceiling so they wouldn’t clog up the wall space. I’m really pleased with my choices on that one “.

Harvey Fremlin, Managing Director at the NSBRC, says “the 2 main drivers we tend to hear about are that combination really of installing technologies which will save money  over time, reduce your energy bills becuase they’re reducing energy consumption but also that desire to play your part in reducing your own carbon footprint and your own energy use so its great you’ve been able to find a solution that ticks both of those boxes”.


“I love the infrared heating panels that are fitted on my ceiling. They provide an energy efficient, economical, noise-less, easy, smart-operated, clean, zero-carbon emitting, moisture repellent, form of heating for this small space. I am so grateful to Herschel Infrared Heating (contact picked up at NSBRC) for all their excellent help and advice”.

Images and feedback courtesy of The National Self Build & Renovation Centre.

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