Sudbury Village Hall

Infrared heaters provide the best way to heat a village hall

"Simply preheat the hall just 30 minutes before it is occupied and it gets lovely and warm"


Sudbury Village Hall was investigating the best way to heat a village hall as they were looking to upgrade their existing heating system, replacing gas with clean electric heating. They had struggled to effectively warm the hall with their old centralised gas heating as the installed convector heaters were inefficient, with most of the warm air being lost through the poorly insulated walls.


As advised by our specification team, 10 x Herschel Summit White 2600W heaters were ceiling-mounted throughout the different parts of the village hall, including the main hall as well as kitchen area. The heaters provide a sleek, unobtrusive solution that enables floor space to be maximised and delivers a comfortable, non-stuffy warmth. These were wired into our MD2 mains powered WiFi thermostats to enable precise temperature control within each area, via the touchscreen display or via the optional SmartLife App.

Herschel Infrared provides the best way to heat a village hallVillage hall kitchen heated by Herschel Summit WhiteTestimonial

“Our existing heating was inadequate for keeping our hall warm and so we researched alternative hall heating solutions. We now have Herschel’s very discreet Summit White heaters installed, controlled by the MD2 thermostats. We could not be happier with the results. It has resulted in the hall being used much more frequently. In previous winters, we would have groups leaving because the hall was too cold and now we have bookings most days. We simply preheat the hall just 30 minutes before it is occupied and it gets lovely and warm. People tend not to even notice the heaters which are ceiling-mounted and very subtle against the white ceiling. All in all very impressed, quick and tidy installation too. Would definitely recommend Herschel Infrared for cold spaces. We are now looking at a specification with them for our Church.” Robert Fish

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