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"Where can I...?"

Herschel has a UK wide network of approved installers and resellers who have taken our training and sell our heaters. Contact Herschel on our “Find Herschel-approved UK Installers” page to get a recommended installer near you. If you want to become a Herschel installer, you can also apply from this…Read more

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Outdoor heaters are becoming increasingly popular, but there are many different types of heater available and lots of jargon. But even on the nicest of days in the UK it very often gets chilly or cold in the evening and if you want to enjoy socialising outside, outdoor heating is…Read more


Quality & Safety

There have been a number of low voltage, very thin, carbon based heating products in the form of “Wallpaper”, in-wall, ceiling or underfloor mats that have recently appeared on the market promoting themselves as “Infrared”, “far infrared” and / or “Radiant” heating technologies. Typically these systems are low voltage (via…Read more

Herschel panels are tested and verified by the German research establishment TÜV and the tests include verification (Geprufte Sicherheit – or “Proven Safety and Health”) and Electromagnetic compatibility with current world standards for human health and electrical appliances. They are also RoHS and REACH and EcoDesign (Lot 20)  Compliant.  Our…Read more

Longest track record At Herschel we have the most extensive experience of the application of Far Infrared in the UK (check our Residential and Commercial Case Study pages). Effective heating is all about matching the right heater to the right requirement and we have many years experience in this: helping…Read more

Herschel Infrared heaters come with a 5 or 10 year guarantee. Our Inspire range is designed to last decades because of the high quality of materials and advanced heating elements that are used. Herschel Far Infrared panel heaters require no maintenance or servicing. Our heaters use solid state elements unlike…Read more

IEC 60675-2:2021 which covers household direct acting room heaters provides a standard for assessing their radiant performance. It is the internationally agreed legal definition of the performance criteria for radiant performance of household electrical heaters. The standard states: Anything with a surface temperature of less than 40c cannot be classed…Read more

Are Infrared rays safe for people? Far infrared heating is 100% safe and natural for our bodies, and our well-being, as the human body is designed to accept and emit infrared. The feeling of warmth from infrared is particularly comfortable. It is UV that is harmful, not infrared, and so…Read more


Installation Questions

Very occasionally we get asked about decorating problems that show up around heaters and whether the heaters are to blame.  However on the rare occasion that we do, in all cases there are underlying problems which the heater – in fact, any heater – is just accelerating or making evident…Read more

  Simple installation schematic – one panel, one controller, single room For simple panel installations using either the Herschel iQ system or the XLS control system, our recommendation is to make the control receiver attachment after the fused spur. (When using MD2 Hard wired thermostat, the wiring connection to and…Read more

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To allow the panels to operate at the right temperature and unobstructed, our Instructions call for no objects to be placed within 400mm of the front of the panel and not within 200mm of the sides of the panel. This includes if you are intending to flush-mount panels in a…Read more

Herschel Infrared panels are easy to install and come with a very comprehensive set of instructions. As Infrared panels are an electric installation, they should only be carried out by a suitably qualified electrician.  Herschel has a network of Accredited Installers who would be happy to help you. Things to consider…Read more

The wires can be chased into the wall and completely hidden or else discretely fitted within cable trunking, in much the same way as you would do when installing any electrical device (i.e. a wall mounted flatscreen TV). Please consult your electrician or a Herschel Accredited installer for more advice.

Herschel panels radiate far infrared heat through the air which is then absorbed by objects and surfaces of the room. The most effective place for you to mount your panels is usually higher up on the walls or on the ceiling. The heaters will be less effective if they are…Read more

Electrical Safety in bathrooms divides into four zones. In Zone ‘0’ which defines being within in the sink bowl, bath tub or shower bowl any electrical appliance must be IP67 (full immersion capable) and low voltage. Zone 1 is the splash zone above a bath or within a shower enclosure…Read more

This is an example of a customer install of ceiling-mounted Select XLS panels hard wired to, and powered from, the T-MD2 thermostat. The T-MD2 is also wired to the mains. •There is a fused spur at low level below the T-MD2 thermostat for isolating the heaters and thermostat. •The heater…Read more


Controls Questions

Herschel thermostat controls have been designed to be easy to set up and run however sometimes we all need a bit of help and support. Our thermostat controls help centre has been designed to quickly & simply guide you to the correct support, with a few simple clicks, enabling you…Read more

Full pairing instructions for the XLS thermostats come packed with each XLS thermostat and XLS heating panel. The web pages for each of the thermostats also contain the downloadable set of instructions. We have made this short video to show you how simple pairing is. If you need further help,…Read more

New Ecodesign legislation from the EU 2015/1188 (otherwise known as Lot 20) means that re-sellers and installers of electric space heaters will need to be sure that the heaters they are selling or installing comply with Lot 20 from 1 January 2018. Heaters that fail to comply will not be…Read more

Infrared Heating Panels are controlled by thermostats, which at the most basic level turn a heater on if a room is not warm enough and turn it off when it is. All Herschel thermostats build on this basic capability by enabling 4 programs a day 7 days a week and…Read more

No, our thermostats can control multiple panels. We advise one controller per room and each controller can control one or multiple panels. Please check respective thermostat instruction guides for more information.

Full pairing instructions for the T2/R2 thermostat pack come packed with the T2. The web page for the T2 also has a downloadable set of instructions. We have made this short video to show you how simple pairing is. If you need further help, check out our detailed thermostat help…Read more


Orders & Deliveries

Panels are to be signed for ONLY if there is NO damage to the packaging on delivery. If there is any damage to the packaging please do not sign for the goods. Contact Customer Services at Herschel, +44 (0)1473 760059, within 24 hours of receipt to notify us of the…Read more

Our Inspire heater panels are specially made to order in Germany and will take approximately 4 weeks from order to delivery. All other heaters are standard stock items, so as long as we receive your order by mid-day on a working day, we should be able to organise dispatch the…Read more

There may be delays to the usual delivery timescales over the Christmas period. Please contact us for more details on +44(0)1473 760059.

Cut-off time for next day delivery is 12pm (excluding weekends, weekdays only). Please note: there may be delays to the usual delivery timescales over the Christmas period. Last day for next day delivery over Christmas 2019 is Monday 23rd December until Thursday 2 January 2020. Please contact us on +44(0)1473…Read more


Functional & Technical

This depends on the ambient temperature and the levels of insulation of your building. Herschel Far Infrared heaters work by warming up the thermal mass of the room and on initial start up, this may take several hours and in some cases days, depending on the area to be heated…Read more

There are no maintenance and servicing costs related with Infrared heating panels. There are no moving parts or liquids or gases that require any form of annual maintenance contract. The other major benefit of Infrared panels is that in the rare case one should go wrong, you only need replace…Read more

SAP10 is coming and the future is electric. Please read our our latest news on SAP10.  The proposed introduction of SAP10 has significant implications for electric heating given the revision of emission factors which are currently out of date. Overview of current methodology SAP2012 SAP is the Standard (buildings) Assessment…Read more

Can I paint the panels so they match the same colour as my walls? Our best advice, following testing in-house, would be to use heat resistant paints such as radiator paint. Normal emulsion doesn’t bond very well (you can easily scratch it off). Please note, we are unable to give…Read more

Herschel Far Infrared emits the biologically most significant Comfort Heating wavelengths because skin content is 80% water which absorbs heat most efficiently from wavelengths of 3 microns and lower (Far Infrared). Far Infrared is better absorbed by the skin, is less transmissive (passes through) and is less reflected. Infrared wavelengths…Read more

Herschel heaters can deliver energy-savings up to 60% over traditional heating systems. Providing warmth 24×7 at a fraction of the cost of gas, oil, or other electric heating, infrared warms the fabric of the building – and not the air – which is the key to its energy efficiency. 100%…Read more

We could get really geeky on this but will try to keep it simple… Whilst both Herschel Inspire and Select XLS panel ranges have different construction methods, they both do the same thing which is to convert electricity to emit radiant heat called “far infrared”. Surface temperatures of the Inspire…Read more

As the interest in infrared heating grows, so does the competition to distinguish products and claim an edge over the competition. One of the latest phrases is “Nano Carbon Infrared Heaters” which purport to emit high levels of heat for very low wattage. The word “Nano” in itself refers to…Read more

There are some disadvantages to infrared heating panels compared with other forms of heating, but these are far outweighed by the many advantages. The main consideration is that the infrared heating panels must not be obstructed by furniture. Infrared heating panels radiate invisible light (which carries the heat). If they…Read more

With Economy 7 you are probably paying a higher rate for daytime electricity than on a standard tariff. If you intend to run your Herschel panels overnight and also run other appliances overnight then it could make sense to stay on Economy 7. However, depending on your circumstances it is likely that…Read more