Heating that offers genuine operating and cost of living reductions

What is economically sustainable heating?

An economically sustainable product is cost-effective in its own right, without artificial promotion or propping up by some form of external sponsorship or incentive scheme. To be economically sustainable, a product should also fit within all generally agreed principles of resource and cost efficiency in a given market and it should demonstrate growth potential over the long term.

An economically sustainable product is the result of continuous research and development within its parent company to constantly improve the proposition for its customers and it should represent real, ongoing cost savings for its customers. The product should be as long-lived as possible with non-exploitative terms.

In all these dimensions Herschel Infrared is perhaps the most economically sustainable heating available. It makes a cost-savings case in its own right without the need for “Heat incentives” or grants to artificially prime the market and suggest the system costs less than it actually does. Eventual replacement of a Herschel system – should it become necessary – implies only individual panels in individual rooms and not replacement of an entire central heating unit or its expensive sub-assemblies or digging up floors. Our warranty terms are also generous and lengthy.

Herschel’s heater and controls development and estimating services are subject to continuous R&D, producing comfort heating solutions that represent real, ongoing operating and cost of living savings to our ever-widening customer base.

Herschel’s economic sustainability goal is to ensure that when you receive, switch on, and enjoy your Herschel Infrared Heating, that in every aspect of sustainability possible, you can be assured of peace of mind both now and in the years to come.

Pays for itself

Lower lifetime cost than most other heating solutions
Total cost of heating system ownership

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Energy Efficient

Delivers Energy Efficiency Requirements
Herschel Infrared delivers energy efficiency requirements

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Continuous R&D

Smart growth through constant innovation
Science applied to heater design

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Long Life

Products Guaranteed up to 10 years
Up to 10 years warranty

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Electric Future

Renewables – levelling the playing field against fossils
Reduced penalties for electric heating in SAP10

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Competitively priced Vs other heating solutions
Affordable heating

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