Innovating for sustainbility

Keeping Herschel ahead of the rest

Herschel’s aim is to produce fully Sustainable Heating: solutions that are not only energy efficient, but are economical and durable, with components that are long-lived and recoverable and add nothing harmful back into the environment either during production, operation, or recovery.

Our research and development efforts aim to innovate constantly in the following key areas:

  • to produce heaters that deliver the most heat for the least energy;
  • enhance the quality of life of all our customers;
  • using smart tech controls for further efficiency and ease of use;
  • are economical and ecological to produce; last a long time and have a recyclable components;
  • are easy and accurate to specify and install;
  • perform as we say they do and represent real cost savings.

Our research & development goal is to ensure that when you receive, switch on, and enjoy your Herschel Infrared Heating, that in every aspect of sustainability possible, you can be assured of peace of mind.

Designing for sustainability

Producing the most heat from the least energy

Science applied to heater design

Designing for people

Applying Human Factors to Heater Design

Designing for people

Innovation in Controls

Using Smart Tech for more efficiency

Innovation in controls

Sustainable Manufacturing

Long life components, recyclable, renewables ready

Innovation in construction

Excellence in deployment

Market leaders in estimating accuracy

Expertise in deployment

Does what we claim

Reality justifies our research

Thermal image of Summit heat bloom



Our knowledge of how to use Infrared heaters

Unrivalled application experience

Herschel’s knowledge of how to apply Infrared heating to real-life situations feeds back into the design and manufacture of our products.

We are probably unique in the heating industry in encouraging such close ties between the uses of our heaters and their design. It ensures that all other stages (design of the heaters themselves; how to estimate accurately; how the system will be controlled to best effect) are also all able to benefit from real life experience in many different situations.

See our Residential and Commercial Case Study pages for examples of our innovation through experience.


Infrared Technology Centre

Herschel’s Infrared Technology Centre is an online portal for Herschel Partners, Resellers and Installers,  where members can access in a single location:

  • Our comprehensive training programme on Infrared Heating, including an overview of the science, how to estimate for different types of installation, how to install and how to control Infrared Heating.
  • A well organised repository of marketing collateral including product images, brochures, specifications sheets.
  • White papers and technical documents.

Members of the HITC will also receive regular updates on products and the market.  We also list accredited installers and dealers on our online map – helping customers to find a Herschel dealer or installer near them.

Become a member of Herschel’s Infrared Technology Centre and find out more on how we innovate through knowledge.

Herschel Infrared Technology Centre