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Infrared Mirror Heaters

Two in one – elegant mirrors that are also heaters

Perfect for heating bathrooms, Herschel Infrared Mirror heaters do not mist up when they are hot and they radiate cosy, warming far infrared heat directly into the room. This helps keep bathrooms snug whilst keeping walls and fittings warm, dry and free of mould. They are also a very popular choice for hallways, living rooms and bedrooms.

Choose between our German made Inspire range and our high performance Select XLS range. Both are suitable for home and commercial use.

All Herschel’s mirror heaters are made with mirrored safety glass, are super slim and frameless.

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  • XLS Mirror

    Select XLS – Mirror Infrared Heater

    (7 reviews)
    5 Year Warranty
    3 Sizes
    FROM £378.00
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  • Inspire – Mirror Infrared Heater

    (8 reviews)
    10 Year Warranty
    7 Sizes
    FROM £515.00
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Showing all 2 results

Herschel Select XLS Mirror heater

Perfect for cold, damp bathrooms

Our mirror heaters not only heat the room but when on don’t steam up – perfect for keeping you warm while you get ready after your bath or shower. Mirrors are available in a wide range of sizes from both our Select XLS and our German made Inspire range.

All of our panels are easy to install and are IP rated for use outside the “splash zones” in bathrooms. Controlling our heaters is easy using one of our specially designed Herschel thermostat options.

Herschel infrared mirror panels provide homeowners with a modern and stylish solution that is perfect for cosy, effective warmth.

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Herschel Mirror Heaters

Herschel Mirror Heaters

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