COP26 House

The COP26 House by Beyondzerohomes

The COP26 House was built in Glasgow, especially for the COP26 UN Climate Summit in November 2021, to showcase that zero carbon, affordable and beauiful homes are available now.


Ceiling mounted white panels used to heat zero carbon COP26 house in Glasgow

Efficient Herschel Infrared panel heaters were chosen to heat the zero carbon home - ensuring an affordable, simple to install, space-saving and healthier solution.


Herschel Infrared heaters used for zero carbon COP26 House

It was fantastic to welcome the Fully Charged Youtube Team who filmed their COP26 News episode from the COP26 House. The host Robert Llewellyn presented from within the interior of the COP26 House, the perfect setting for their COP26 Round-Up episode.


Wall mounted panels in zero carbon COP26 house

Herschel Infrared heaters were wall-mounted to heat the smaller living space and ceiling-mounted within the larger living area.