Herschel donates heaters to DIY SOS

Herschel supports Children in Need project, for the DIY SOS Big Build, by donating infrared heaters to the fantastic charity Nightsafe. Nightsafe provide shelter and support to the young homeless in Blackburn.

Herschel infrared panels as seen on TV

Herschel infrared panel heaters ceiling mounted in kitchen area for Children in Need project.


Herschel supports Children in Need with DIY SOS

The Herschel team delighted to meet DIY SOS regulars, Nick Knowles and Gabrielle Blackman.


Herschel Summit heaters in Children in Need project

A neglected church hall is transformed into bedroom accommodation for vulnerable young people, heated by Herschel panels.


Herschel and the DIY SOS volunteers

Pudsey Bear and the team of volunteers supporting DIY SOS's Children in Need transformation.