Heating warehouses

Heating Warehouses with Summit White heaters

Summit white heaters suspended in large workshop Warehouse space in South wales.


Warehouse heated by Advantage IR infrared heaters

Advantage IR infrared heaters providing individual machinists with spot heating where people are working and sitting for long period of time, controlled by push button timers to minimise any wasted heat output.


Warehouse heated by Herschel infrared

Herschel Infrared P4 space heaters are installed in this large warehouse space in Northern Ireland.


Heating warehouses with Herschel P4 infrared heaters

"During the survey, we discussed how infrared can be focused over the work area rather than heating large volumes of air that can’t be contained".


Heating warehouses with Herschel P4

"We only needed about 20% of the space heated and because the warehouse has a high ceiling and is draughty, infrared made sense. Herschel Infrared is the ideal industrial heating solution".