Glass Infrared Panels


Glass Infrared panel heaters are a very attractive alternative to white infrared panels. The glass surface has a high gloss finish which will enhance your home or office with class and elegance but also guarantee an improved level of comfort. They can even be written-on with dry-wipe markers, turning the heater into a functioning white/blackboard suitable in kitchens or restaurants.

Glass infrared panels are frameless and use high-quality enforced safety glass (ESG), combining sophisticated design with optimum safety and energy efficiency. The Glas heaters should be wall-mounted only and they come in a range of panel sizes and powers and black or white colours.

Herschel offers Glass infrared panels from its premium Inspire range and high performance Select XL range. Both are suitable for home and commercial use.

Herschel Far Infrared panels offer owners an unprecedented level of control over their property’s temperature and energy use. Installations using our infrared panels – optimally zoned and controlled – can save between 30 – 60 percent of the energy consumption of traditional solutions including oil, LPG and other electrical solutions.

Panel ranges are:

Herschel Inspire – Premium Range,

Herschel Select XL – Performance Range.

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