Mirror Infrared Panels

Herschel Mirror Infrared panels make an ideal addition to your bathroom, hallway, or to the reception area or lobby of a corporate building, combining sophisticated design with optimum safety and energy efficiency.

Mirror Infrared heater panels can be placed in humid areas such as bathrooms without any condensation forming on the glass, whilst also chasing away the causes of moisture that convection-based heaters actually encourage (hot air moving over a cold surface).

Due to the infrared heating process, the mirrors heat up objects in the room rather than the air. This helps keep walls and furniture in humid areas warm, dry and free of mould.

All units are made with Mirrored Safety Glass and manufactured from the highest quality materials under strict quality control and are guaranteed for 5 – 10 years according to range.

Panel ranges are:

Herschel Inspire – Premium Range,

Herschel Select XL – Performance Range.

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