Outdoor heaters


Our Aspect heating range has been specially designed to heat sheltered and semi-covered areas where a more permanent heat is required without the intensity and red glow associated with halogen and quartz heaters. The Aspect is a very high quality, zero light heater which utilises solid state ceramic emitters to produce far infrared to gently warm people and the surroundings, the heat from which is similar to the feeling of winter sun. Aspect comes complete with a 5 year warranty and long lifetime, avoiding the need for maintenance and frequent replacement of bulbs.

Aspect is ideally suited for use under covered sheltered areas such as alfresco dining areas, pubs, terraces and patios, outdoor rooms.

Aspect XL infrared heater for outdoor heating Aspect XL2
1300 Watt patio heater with a heated area outdoors up to 6m2.
Power: 1300W, 1950W
Surface: Black powder coated extruded aluminium
Element: 2 or 3 black glazed ceramic
Protection Class: IP X4
Warranty: 5 years
Certification: Certifications for Aspect IR
Zero light, silent, maintenance-free, long lifetime.
Aspect XL outdoor heating Aspect XL3
1950 Watt terrace heater with aheated area outdoors up to 9m2.


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