5 Year Warranty

Freestanding Select S3 Heater

Flexible Portable Heaters for your Convenience

Perfect for warming the legs for the work from home market, our compact Select Under Desk heater provides gentle and localised warmth wherever you want, simply plug into the nearest available mains socket for power.

Providing top-up heating when and where you want it, the Select Portable is a 500W freestanding heater for low energy heating at minimal cost, with an in-built thermostat for simple temperature control.

The Select S3 is the powerhouse of our portable infrared heaters with heating from 3 sides and integrated touch controls. This 1000W freestanding heater is perfect for living spaces or offices.

All heaters have in-built manual temperature control or can be managed with the Smart-Life App for App-enabled control.

Clean, gentle, comfortable heat

SmartLife App for Smart Control

Smart Home Compatible

The Select portable heaters feature an in-built thermostat to provide simple temperature control, making them fully compliant with European energy saving regulation (Lot 20) and feature internal safety thermal cut out sensors.

The built in SMART-R system enables wireless control via the SmartLife App. Simply pair it with your home or office WiFi and use it with the SmartLife App to form part of your wider home or office smart control solution.

Top-up heating when and where you want it

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Portable infrared heating panels

Quick and Easy Set Up

Under desk heater for localised warmth

Compact Personal Heating

Herschel infrared panels App-controlled

App-Enabled Control

Ceiling tile heaters

Space-saving solution for offices and commercial spaces

Select Integrated Ceiling Tile heating panels are designed to fit discreetly into commercial ceiling grids, (60 x 60 cm square), making them suitable for new buildings or refurbishment projects in offices, schools and other public places. The infrared ceiling heaters provide clean, gentle, comfortable heat that is ideal for providing focused heat and not heating up unused areas. This saves substantial energy over other systems by heating people and objects rather than all the air in a room or building.


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    Select – Infrared Ceiling Tile Heaters

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  • Under desk heater

    Select – 220 Watt Infrared Under Desk Heater

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  • Select S3 smart freestanding infrared heater

    Select S3 Freestanding Heater

    5 Year Warranty
    1 Size
    FROM £599.00
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Showing all 4 results