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What is Socially Sustainable Heating?

All comfort heaters are basically Socially Sustainable products because they satisfy the basic human need for warmth and don’t represent a form of exclusivity or lifestyle choice like a sauna would for example. (It is still a heater, but not a necessity).

Whilst Herschel Infrared is recognised as a Premium heater brand, we produce a wide range of panels that includes a range offering all the benefits of Infrared Heating but at the lowest possible cost. We protect them all with generous warranty terms. (Offering the market cheap, poor quality heaters with poor warranty terms is not socially sustainable).

A Socially Sustainable product should also enhance the quality of life of its users.  In this respect all comfort heaters are not the same.  Convection heaters that primarily heat the air and leave the fabric of the building basically cold, encourage the causes of condensation, damp and mould and produce stuffy atmospheres, which tend to worsen quality of life and healthiness of their users. Herschel Infrared works the other way around by primarily heating objects, not air, therefore reducing the causes of condensation, damp, mould and stuffiness, and therefore enhancing the quality of life and healthiness of its users. Herschel Infrared heaters are also “Low Electrosmog” appliances, meaning they do not contribute to harmful electronic signals and emissions in a household.


Meeting the basic human need for warmth

Satisfying the basic human need for warmth

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High quality Value and Premium ranges

Social inclusivity of Herschel Infrared

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Healthy Heat

Heating we were designed-for

Heat we were designed for

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Social Sustainability requires a product to work for communities as much as for individuals and Herschel also meets this criterion. All our heaters can be installed either singly, room by room, in a  whole house, or in a whole block of houses or community facility (such as care homes, schools and hospitals). We can install in small rooms to heat one person, or in large halls to heat many.  We pride ourselves on providing the broadest range of Infrared heaters to suit the widest range of applications.

Socially Sustainable companies also promote education and understanding of their innovative products so that over time their expertise becomes a rising tide lifting all ships.  Stemming from William Herschel’s original curiosity that led to his discovery of Infrared, Herschel has sought to build on his legacy of curiosity, discovery and knowledge.  We have produced the Hershel Infrared Technology Centre: a unique training and knowledge portal for our installers and resellers, to train them in the technology, how to estimate for installations and how to install the heaters.

Herschel is also actively socially engaged in the community with a number of outreach programmes and exhibitions and sponsorship of the “Invisible Light” exhibition at the Herschel Museum.

Many Uses

The broadest range for the widest uses

The widest range of uses

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Enhancing knowledge & understanding

Enhancing knowledge and understanging

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Reaching out to the community

Community outreach projects

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Our social sustainability goal is to ensure that when you receive, switch on and enjoy your Herschel Infrared Heating, in every aspect of sustainability possible, you can be assured of peace of mind.