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Why electricians choose Herschel Infrared

Electrical heating systems are the future of heating in the UK’s push to be Carbon net zero by 2050. Householders and Businesses are all considering switching from fossil fuel heating to electric.

Much of the new market will be supplied by heat pumps, but these require a team of people comprising builders, plumbers, qualified coolant engineers and the role of the electrician in these installations is pretty minimal. With Infrared Heating, the entire installation can belong to the electrician.


Our Infrared heaters are electric

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Professional Specification Service

Herschel has a team of in-house surveyors who perform on-site and desktop estimating services for commercial heating projects.

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Become an accredited installer

We are actively looking for electricians to promote and install Herschel Infrared in the UK.

Herschel products available through all leading electrical wholesalers including Edmundson Electrical, Yesss, CEF, Rexel Group (and Denmans) & BEW.

Benefits of becoming an installer

Product Training

What you need to know about our heaters, how to use them and how to install them.


Trade Discounts

Register and get special purchase terms when you buy direct.

Customer Referrals

Get referrals for customer projects in your area.

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Business Opportunity

  • Get involved early in one of the largest revolutions to sweep the electrical heating market for 60 years;
  • Herschel Infrared is one of the fastest-growing heating technologies in Europe and the UK. Herschel are the UK’s largest, fastest growing supplier;
  • We are the go-to company for commercial heating solutions using Infrared;
  • We actively promote our Installers to customers looking for domestic and/or commercial Infrared installation expertise.

We will support you

  • We are the ONLY Infrared heating supplier that provides comprehensive online training for its Installer network;
  • We have a team of experts available to answer technical questions from our Installer network;
  • Membership of our Installer network has many other benefits including regular news and product updates;
  • We already have a database of client case studies that become available to you to help promote your own sales when you join our network.

Always looking ahead

  • This new technology is demonstrating that every aspect of the traditional heating market can be challenged and re-invented. We are constantly developing new products where we see a clear market opportunity. As a recommended infrared heating installer with Herschel, you get instant access to our new products and our knowledge of how to use them as soon as they are available.