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How do I control the heating panel?


We do not build thermostats into our heaters because far infrared works by heating the fabric of the building which then radiates heat back. Therefore it is the temperature of the room which is important, not the temperature of the panel. Built in thermostats are not as effective because the close proximity of the thermostat to the heater means that it is impossible to correctly measure the room temperature.

In order to emit far infrared at the right waveband, our heaters are either “on” or “off” (it is not possible to vary the temperature of the heater itself).

To ensure Lot 20 compliance the panels need to be controlled using our Herschel IQ controls system, especially designed to control Infrared heaters, (or an equivalent which you have verified is a Lot 20 complaint solution).

Please also see FAQ on how to pair the iQ Receiver and Thermostat.


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