“We decided to go down the ecologically friendly route and heat the house using electricity”.

In the late autumn of 2019 we had already decommissioned our old oil boiler so we could finish knocking down a couple of single storey rooms at the back of our property. We decided to go down the ecologically friendly route and heat the house using electricity.

We tried a couple of Herschel’s 400W flat panels, mounting them on the ceilings in our small bathroom and a small bedroom used as an office. These were easy to fit and worked really well.

We were so impressed that a couple of weeks later we bought 6 1100W panels for the lounge, kitchen and master bedroom.

We’ve now been through two winters and we love these panels. They’re completely silent in use, a real contrast from the shushing, creaking and the occasional clunk we had with the oil boiler and radiators. We live in a quiet village and the silent operation made more of a difference to us than we expected. The dust levels are lower than we had with convection type heating (radiators or electric convection heaters). The rooms feel warm without the air getting too hot. We find it’s a more comfortable warmth than air heating.

The Herschel team was great. Very helpful. The calculator page on the website is really useful. I’ll be back there soon to figure out the number and size of the panels we’re going to need for our freshly rebuilt rooms.

Thank you all at Herschel. A great product, really well executed.

Just a hint for anyone thinking of ceiling mounting the larger flat panels to old (non entirely flat) ceilings. You may need to pack out the mounting bracket from the ceiling (approx 20mm in our case) to give yourself the space you need for the control until on the back of the panel.