A revolution is taking place in heating

Low energy, efficient electric heating will be the future.

Heating that can be easily zoned and controlled, powered by renewable energy, stylish and discreet, easy to install, completely silent and maintenance free. Heating that provides high comfort levels, reduces damp and doesn’t waste energy heating the air.

The Future is Electric

In the future fossil fuels will be a thing of the past and efficient electric heating will be the standard way we heat ourselves.

Europe’s focus on Energy resulted in the ’20-20-20’ targets for the EU to achieve by 2020.

■ Greenhouse gas emissions 20% (or even 30%, if the conditions are right) lower than 1990
■ 20% of energy from renewables
■ 20% increase in energy efficiency

Herschel is a low energy heating solution that, when used with electricity generated by either solar, wind power or other renewable source, is 100% CO2 free.

Our panels can be linked to solar to provide free heating. As solar battery storage develops the Herschel fit with solar will become increasingly relevant. A typical 4kW Solar PV system combined with Herschel and battery storage could cover the annual heating requirements of the average house in the UK.

We have a number of case studies which highlight both the energy savings from installing Herschel heaters as well as the reduction in carbon emissions.