Warm glow space heaters

Warm glow space heaters

Heating large areas with a warm glow

Warm glow space heaters are large area heaters suitable for a variety of commercial and domestic uses, and Herschel models emit a pleasant warm glow.

Herschel’s warm glow heaters use Carbon bulbs which create the very effective, warming levels of heat you need for patios and some colder indoor locations, but without the harsh glare sometimes associated with hotter types of heaters.

These heaters are perfect for use in locations that either become very cold or are subject to draughts or airflow.

These heaters also allow “zoning”, which means you focus the heat just where you need it and don’t have to heat the whole volume of air in an area to feel any warmth.

Herschel’s warm glow space heaters can be used in conservatories, garages and in many commercial applications including draughtier work areas in workshops.

  • 2 yr Warranty
    1 Sizes

    £299.00 inc. VAT

    Key Features:

    • Designer infrared heater, low glare
    • In black, silver or gold finish
    • Handy remote control
    • 2kW high power carbon lamp
    • 2 power levels, 9 hour timer
    • Long life, quality components
    • Optional stand for free-standing use
    • Ideal for heating patios
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    FROM £347.00

    Key Features:

    • Warm glow, super-low glare heater
    • 2.5kW high power carbon lamp
    • Black powder-coated aluminium
    • Quality Herschel construction
    • With or without remote control
    • 4 power levels & timer on remote model
    • Optional stand for free-standing use
    • Ideal for workshops and patios
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