A revolution is taking place in heating

Low energy, efficient electric heating will be the future.

Heating that can be easily zoned and controlled, powered by renewable energy, stylish and discreet, easy to install, completely silent and maintenance free. Heating that provides high comfort levels, reduces damp and doesn’t waste energy heating the air.

The Future is Electric

The global trend to move from fossil fuels to renewable / clean energy is accelerating, and the cost of battery storage units is rapidly decreasing.

At the same time, improvements in insulation levels of buildings is significantly reducing the energy required to heat a given space.

As a result, efficient electric heating will be the standard way we heat ourselves. Because it heats the thermal mass of buildings, Herschel infrared is significantly more efficient than convector heaters (which heat the air), it also runs at lower wattages reducing peak power consumption requirements.

Herschel is a low energy heating solution that, when used with electricity generated by either solar, wind power or other renewable source, is 100% CO2 free.

Compared to air source heat pumps, Herschel infrared is cheaper and quicker to install, has no maintenance costs, can be controlled on a room by room basis and can also be used in colder regions where air pumps are inefficient.

Herschel infrared is also the natural choice for specific zone heating of large spaces and for outdoor heating.

We have a number of case studies which highlight both the energy savings from installing Herschel heaters as well as the reduction in carbon emissions.