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Newquay Evangelical Church Heating


Newquay Evangelical Church was looking for a replacement heating system as the existing convection system (electric oil-filled heaters) was ineffective and expensive to run. After researching the best way to heat a church online, Matthew read about other churches on our website that have installed Herschel Infrared with great results. He subsequently got in contact with a Herschel Accredited Installer, Smarter Green Energy, to discuss options.

Solution (Full video testimonial included below)

Colorado heaters were specified for the large interior which have been wall-mounted throughout the church. These overlook the congregation and allow the church to be warmed prior to the services and other meetings within the church, throughout the day and also evenings. The users of the church are able to operate the heating as they wish easily switching the heaters on and off using the remote control, depending on whether they are using all or just some of the church. It also allows them to use the different power levels and adjust the heating depending on the requirements of the particular people in attendance.

Colorado infrared heater

Energy Consumption: 54% reduction in consumption using Herschel

The Church Treasurer has analysed the electric consumption for the four month period ending 28/02/2022, using Herschel heaters, and compared them with the four month period ending 29/02/20, using electric oil-filled convector heaters. The two periods compare the energy usage both pre-covid and also now as the church is open at the same times (removing the impact of covid in the years in between).

Electric oil-filled convector heaters  (units used) Herschel Infrared (units used)
Nov 2019 2,833 Nov 2021 1,562
Dec 2019 3,994 Dec 2021 1,622
Jan 2020 4,093 Jan 2022 2,121
Feb 2020 3,915 Feb 2022 1,466
Total 14,835 Total 6,771

The reduction in usage from using Herschel Infrared heating for the period is 54%.

The Church Leaders and Treasurer are thrilled with the results in terms of the reduction in energy consumption delivered by Herschel Infrared heating but also with the effectiveness of the infrared heating in keeping the congregation warm. Matthew has kindly shared this video testimonial which talks in detail about the success of the Colorado heaters versus their previous heating.


“We’re really thrilled to have these new heaters installed in the church here, and we’re really pleased with the results. Previously we had convection heaters all down each side of the church, and we used to have them on a timer that came on at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, and when the services started at 10:30 am it only just took the chill off in the main sanctuary, they were just no good at all, nice and hot in the ceiling, but absolutely no good in the main sanctuary. So we looked into purchasing these Herschel heaters, and we’re delighted with the results, to our amazement we only need to put them on 30 minutes before a service starts, so we put them on at 10 in the morning and everyone is nice and warm. We’ve got four different heat settings we can use, operated by remote control, and since we’ve set these up what we’ve been seeing is people actually taking their coats off in services now, which is great, we never used to see that before! The other massive difference this has made is to our energy consumption. We did a like-to-like, before covid, during the winter and we’re saving over half the energy bill that we previously had now we’re using this new infrared technology. I definitely recommend them to any church looking at heating systems wanting to upgrade, the congregation have been delighted with them. The other thing is that you can zone them, so you can put the front ones on if you’re using the area down at the front of the church and not using the back area, it just keeps that area at a nice temperature, rather than using all of the heaters all around the building. We couldn’t recommend them enough to any church that’s thinking of using them, so thanks to Herschel, thanks a lot.

We needed a solution and thanks to Tim from Smarter Green Energy he came and accessed our church building to see the requirements to heat the large space. He suggested the infrared heater system and talked us through how it works, even showed us some other churches where they had installed the heaters. We are very pleased with this system and would highly recommend Smarter Green Energy from start to finish to meet all your heating requirements. Many thanks, great job, neat installation and most of all nice warm building”. Matthew, Church Leadership Team

With thanks to all at Newquay Evangelical Church and also Smarter Green Energy.

Newquay Evangelical Church installs Herschel heatersEffective Church heating provided by Herschel

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