Herschel is a global market leader in infrared heating and is the largest and longest established manufacturer and supplier of premium quality infrared heaters in the UK.

We offer the widest range of slimline infrared heating panels and stylish infrared patio heaters. We have unparalleled knowledge in the application of this innovative technology with many thousands of successful installations.

How do infrared heaters work?

Herschel is the perfect way to heat your home

Our stylish and slimline far infrared heater panels heat each room individually and form part of your furniture.

Choose between discreet white infrared panels, infrared mirrors, pictures and towel heaters.

Electric infrared heaters are energy efficient and can help lower your carbon footprint. Zero maintenance, easy to install, highly controllable, comfortable warmth.

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Goodbye ugly heating, hello Herschel!

Warming the fabric of your room, Herschel heaters are radiant heat panels that give a nice even temperature across the whole room including the floor and walls.  It’s the same form of heat generated by wood burning stoves. Our infrared heating panels are far more efficient and comfortable than night storage heaters and oil-filled electric radiators.  The heat radiated from the panels makes cold floors a thing of the past and is a much cheaper solution to install and run than electric underfloor heating,

Choose between white panels which can be either ceiling or wall mounted to blend into the background discreetly or alternatively a stunning, personalised picture panel will be a real talking point.  Control room by room from a simple to use App. Take a look at our full panel range for homes including our infrared towel heater for bathrooms and outdoor infrared heaters for your patio.

You will love stepping out of the shower in a Herschel heated bathroom and absorbing the warmth from your infrared heater.

Herschel infrared mirror panels heat your bathroom and do not steam up. They are radiant heat panels which directly warm the room, keeping your walls warmer and reducing the causes of condensation in your bathroom.

Our infrared towel heater is a stylish glass panel complete with two chrome towel rails and a dual heating element, making a great alternative to normal electric towel radiators which only warm your towels and not the bathroom itself.

Another great benefit for bathrooms is the infra red heater also warms the floor, say goodbye to cold tiled floors.

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Herschel infrared heating panels will heat your kitchen beautifully because infrared heats objects, not air.  But did you know, you can use our glass panels as a dry-wipe whiteboard as well? A contemporary solution that looks fantastic in a modern kitchen. Or why not choose a blackboard panel heater?

White panels can be wall or ceiling mounted and cold kitchen floors become a thing of the past, without the need for expensive underfloor heating.

Comfort and style for your bedroom

Herschel Infrared is truly revolutionary – the modern way to heat. Your infrared heater could be a mirror, or a picture, or alternatively our white panel heaters can be discreetly wall or ceiling mounted. They are completely silent, say goodbye to banging pipework and sleep in comfort.

The Herschel thermostat controls allow you set your heaters to warm your bedrooms to your preferred temperature for when you get up and go to bed and reduce the temperature when you are out during the day.

Keep your conservatory cosy

Avoid the expense and wasted energy of extending your central heating into your conservatory. Herschel has a range of infrared heaters which are perfect for heating conservatories.They are easy to install and very easy to control.

For occasional use our powerful far infrared space heaters provide quick warm up times. For well-insulated conservatories in constant use, our infrared panel heaters are very popular. Specially designed for conservatory heating, our German manufactured Inspire range has two heaters that fit on a dwarf wall (the 820W and 1250W white infrared panels).

Simple, space-saving infrared heating for garden rooms

Modern garden rooms are well-insulated making them perfect for heating by space-saving and stylish Herschel far infrared heating panels. Our heaters can be ceiling mounted, freeing up valuable wall space. The gentle heat they produce helps drive out damp and mould making your garden room usable all year round. The low energy consumption will keep bills down and our controls will make sure you don’t waste energy. For less well-insulated spaces such as garages and sheds, our electric infrared heaters from our space heating range provide rapid warm up times.

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Our heaters can be combined with our smart, wireless Herschel IQ control system; providing you with optimum comfort levels whilst minimising your energy consumption from wherever you are.





Our range of zero light & warm glow outdoor infrared heaters are the perfect choice.



You can rest assured with Herschel that our heaters are made to the highest standards and QUALITY CERTIFIED to the highest levels.

Quality is of paramount importance to Herschel and we make infrared heaters designed to last a lifetime. All of our infrared heaters and controls are designed in the UK and our heaters are made in Germany, Ireland and the Far East. Our heaters come with guarantees of up to 10 years. No maintenance, no servicing, hassle free heating.

Quality Assured

Herschel is highly energy efficient because it requires less energy to directly heat buildings and people compared to heating the air.

Compared with new technologies such as heat pumps Herschel Far Infrared heaters offer significantly quicker payback times due to the lower costs of installation and lower maintenance.

Solar panels making zero emissions electricity

Herschel infrared heating is 100% safe and natural. It is ultra violet that is harmful from the sun, not infrared.

Far infrared is a gentle, comfortable heat that our bodies naturally emit and easily absorb.  It is regularly used within the health and wellness sectors, including baby incubators because of its vital warming properties. Hot yoga and infrared saunas all use far infrared heating.

It’s no wonder Herschel infrared heating receives such positive feedback, the comfortable feel of the heat generated from this stylish new technology uses the heat humans were designed for.


Winter Sun

If buildings could speak, they would ask for far infrared heating

Far infrared heating is radiant heating. Radiant heating panels enable an environment to maintain a higher temperature in the building material versus a lower air temperature.  This dries out rooms and buildings and results in less moisture creation, with huge consequential benefit to buildings through less condensation, less corrosion of metal parts and less damage to paintwork and is excellent for reducing damp and mould.

Suitable for any construction type, far infrared heating is better for buildings as well as people.

Herschel Inspire picture panel in a dining area

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Infrared heaters keep the environment warm around you, it’s nothing new, in fact the oldest form of heating known to man.

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You can run Herschel infrared heating panels using Solar power from your roof or choose a 100% clean energy electricity tariff.

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