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The space-saving and smart alternative to hot water cylinders

HydroNova is the complete electrical hot water solution. This new way of heating water can be powered directly from Solar PV, making it a carbon-free way of giving your home hot water.

The HydroNova system includes a Thermino© hot water battery from Sunamp©, an innovative new form of heat battery to store heat, which is released only when hot water is needed. So you can charge the system using cheaper rate electricity overnight, or using power from Solar PV during the day and the result is instant hot water from a solution that is also tankless.

The HydroNova system comes with all the components your plumber will need to install it and incorporates Herschel’s smart control switch to allow you to integrate the re-charge cycle with your Herschel Heating and other Smart appliances using the SmartLife App. Once charged this heat can be released instantly, providing you with hot water during peak times, for off-peak prices. Set longer charge times for high-intensity days, or set the HydroNova to holiday mode for those long trips away – optimise your control for maximum efficiency.

See our interactive diagram below for more information.

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Space Saving Solution

HydroNova is a compact hot water solution, taking up far less space than the typical gas boiler. Starting at just 64cm tall, this all electric hot water heater can be fitted in your kitchen cupboard.

Reclaim your utility space for extra storage, expanded living areas, or a new washing machine. HydroNova replaces bulky, rusting boilers for a small-scale, efficient solution to hot water.

Easy to install by professionals, enjoy hot water on demand with Herschel’s HydroNova system.

Why HydroNova?

HydroNova - The space saving solution

Space-saving innovation

The HydroNova is up to 4 x smaller than equivalent hot water cylinders, freeing up more space for storage in your home.

No servicing requirement

Simple to install for professionals and with a 10 year guarantee, the HydroNova system is maintenance free with no servicing requirement.

Reduced heat loss

Super efficient with minimal heat loss rate, less than a quarter of that of a conventional hot water cylinder.


Highly innovative electric water tank solution – available in Direct or iHP models

Mixergy have revolutionised the way we heat water by using top-down technology to only heat what you need, saving energy and cutting down hot water bills. Compatible with all energy sources, including electric, gas or oil boiler, solar PV or thermal, or heat pump, the Mixergy water tanks are future-proof for all homes. Read more about the two models that Herschel offer below.

Mixergy smart hot water cylinder

Mixergy Direct Smart Hot Water Tank

The award-winning Mixergy hot water tank saves energy by using top-down heating technology to only heat what you need, saving up to 40% on hot water bills and reducing carbon emissions. The innovative technology delivers hot water up to 10 x faster than a conventional hot water tank and is built to last, with a 25* year warranty. The Mixergy Direct tank has been proven to improve SAP scores, this is further improved when combined with Solar PV.

  • Save 40% on hot water bills
  • Up to 10x faster than conventional tanks
  • Smart control
  • Flexible heat source
  • Improves EPC score

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Mixergy iHP

Mixergy iHP Integrated Heat Pump Cylinder

The Mixergy iHP Integrated Heat Pump Cylinder is the smartest and most efficient integrated heat pump cylinder on the market. The innovative design of the Mixergy iHP has a small heat pump fixed on the top of the cylinder, using patented Stratos technology to heat water from the top down. This technology allows the Mixergy iHP Integrated Heat Pump Cylinder to deliver the highest possible efficiency and the fastest time for reheating of hot water on the market. The Mixergy iHP is 3x more energy efficient than standard electric water cylinders, ensuring energy consumption and carbon emissions are minimised whilst delivering the convenience of hot water on demand.

  • 10x faster reheat performance
  • 3x more energy efficient
  • Smart control
  • Heat what you need technology
  • Most efficient integrated heat pump cylinder on the market

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Why Mixergy?

Mixergy Water Tank

Improved efficiency

Only heat what you need. Save up to 40% on hot water bills by reducing energy wastage.

Home Energy Efficiency graphic

Improve SAP/EPC ratings

Mixergy's smart top-down heating technology has been proven to improve SAP scores, with the maximum benefit achieved when combined with Solar PV

Smart control with the Mixergy App

Full control of your Mixergy tank from anywhere with the smart Mixergy App; using cutting-edge machine-learning technology to optimise your water heating schedules based on your usage.

Explore Our Water Heating Options

  • Mixergy hot water tank

    Mixergy Direct Smart Hot Water Tank

    25 Year Warranty
    5 Sizes
    FROM £1,509.00
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  • Mixergy iHP integrated heat pump cylinder

    Mixergy iHP Integrated Heat Pump Cylinder

    25 Year Warranty
    4 Sizes
    FROM £2,875.00
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  • PV Switch

    Mixergy PV Switch

    2 Year Warranty
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  • HydroNova Feature Image

    HydroNova Hot Water System

    10 Year Warranty
    3 Sizes
    FROM £2,499.00
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Benefits of Electric Water Heating

Solar Farm

Future proof solutions

All our water heating solutions have the option to be set up for use alongside solar PV - saving you even more and future proofing against rising energy costs. Create an all electric home, alongside Herschel Infrared heaters, and reduce your CO2 footprint to help protect the planet.

Easy installation

Both the Mixergy tanks and HydroNova come equipped with all components your plumber will need to install them. The installation is simple for any G3 certified plumber or heating engineer. Our team will be happy to help advise an installer near you.

Herschel HydroNova - discreet, space-saving water heating solution

Smarter Control

Use both Mixergy and HydroNova with smart controls for the ultimate flexibility in maximising the efficiency of your hot water. Set schedules and enjoy remote access from wherever you are, and voice control, on both the Smart Life App (HydroNova) and the Mixergy App. Plus automated machine learning available on the Mixergy App.

Professional Specification Service

Contact Herschel for an estimate of your Hot Water Heating Requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the HydroNova require servicing?

The HydroNova system is maintenance free with no servicing requirements.

Is there a risk of Legionella with these hot water systems?

The risk of Legionella is managed by both hot water systems. The innovative design of the HydroNova system, including a Thermino© hot water battery from Sunamp©, minimises the risk of Legionella disease. The Mixergy tanks incorporate automatic legionella cleansing cycles and remote diagnostics enable monitoring of tenant’s household health, ideal for landlords and housing managers.

Are electric water systems safe for the environment?

Herschel has carefully selected brands for their hot water proposition that support the environment and reflect its own values. Innovative designs on all our water heating systems ensures energy consumption is reduced, saving money on bills whilst also protecting the planet.

The innovative technology in the HydroNova system, including Thermino© hot water battery from Sunamp©, does not contain any toxic or hazardous materials and there are no end-of-life disposal issues.

The Mixergy tanks are engineered to use as little refrigerant as possible and the innovative design of the Mixergy iHP tank

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