HydroNova Hot Water System
FROM £2,499.00
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HydroNova Hot Water System

FROM £2,499.00

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary Eco Heat Technology
  • Power with cheaper off-peak electricity
  • On demand mains pressure hot water
  • No Tank – saves space
  • Solar Ready


150W litres

57.5 x 36.5 x 64cm

150 litres




210W litres

57.5 x 36.5 x 87cm

210 litres




300W litres

57.5 x 36.5 x 105cm

300 litres



Special Order

10 year warranty

Reduce heating Cost

Energy efficient

Easy Installation

Zero Maintenance

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  • Description


    Revolutionary Eco Heat Technology, Tankless Hot Water System

    Herschel’s HydroNova Water Heater System provides hot water, when needed, without the need for tanks. HydroNova system includes a Thermino© hot water battery from Sunamp* that can be charged via our control system taking advantage of off peak or solar generated electricity. Using patented phase change material, mains pressure hot water is produced as cold water is passed through the battery, providing instant hot water without the need to store large volumes of water.

    The HydroNova system comes complete with our controls and the required components your plumber will need to install it, providing a simple installation process for both retrofit properties and new builds. HydroNova takes up less than a 3rd of the space of an equivalent domestic water cylinder.

    HydroNova is solar ready, so if you have (or plan to have) a PV system, you can benefit by charging  the system using a solar power diverter. Our control system will allow you to charge HydroNova using cheaper off peak electricity tariffs all managed via the SmartLife App.

    Unlike immersion heaters, HydroNova is a highly efficient system that recharges itself to ensure continual access to heated water and does not ‘run cold’ by the end of the day through heat loss if the hot water isn’t used.

    The system is maintenance free and comes with a 10 year warranty.

    HydroNova is available in three sizes: 150 PV, 210 PV and 300 PV. They are in litre-equivalent sizes for easy comparison with traditional hot water cylinders.

    The HNW-150 (150 litres) is typically enough to service the hot water requirement of a 1 bathroom property, HNW-210 (210 litres) for 2 bathroom** property and HNW-300 (300 litres) for 3 bathroom** property.

    *  containing Plentigrade© phase change material.

    ** ensuite counts as a bathroom unless it has an electric shower.

    Please note that the HydroNova system is a heavy item, kerbside delivery (via pallet) is required.  Contact us for extra services before ordering if you require assistance with transfer from the kerbside. Delivery charges apply for HydroNova and will be added at checkout.

  • Technical

    Technical Specifications

    Cable Length: Not included

    Plug: No Plug

    Voltage: 230V 50Hz

    The HydroNova system which includes a Thermino© hot water battery from Sunamp.

    Weight: 139kg (HNW-150); 178kg (HNW-210); 233kg (HNW-300);

    Wattage at 230v, 50hz: 2,800W (Single heating element). This product must have its own dedicated 16A MCB protected supply.

    Quality & Safety


    Warranty: 10 Years

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How do I control my HydroNova system?

HydroNova is controlled with Herschel’s HN1 switch. This switch works with SmartLife and you can therefore set it to run on a schedule (e.g. overnight to use Economy 7) and can opt to add a mid-day top-up charge if you need to.

By Using the HN1 switch, you can integrate management of your hot water into your whole house heating solution on SmartLife.

HN1 comes with your HydroNova purchase. No additional purchases are necessary.

What accessories must I buy for my HydroNova system?

Everything you need to install your HydroNova system comes with the package.

This includes:

  • Expansion Tank
  • Mixer Unit
  • HSS Switch.

Pipework and pipe connections are not supplied, however your plumber will have these as standard parts.

Professional Specification Service

Contact Herschel for assistance with your HydroNova Hot Water Heating Requirements.

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