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We started Herschel in 2008 after experiencing the amazing warmth of radiant infrared heating and recognising this solution could have a massive part to play in the decarbonisation of heating. Since then we’ve become the UK number 1 infrared heating brand and have grown to have operations across the EU, in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and have launched in North America.  Our aim is to be the global market leader in infrared heating. Our customers share our passion and enthusiasm for Herschel heating and together we are on a mission to share its benefits and ensure our planet becomes a healthier place for future generations to enjoy.

2023 Grand Opening of UK Production Facility

Herschel Infrared Expands its Production Facilities

2023 has seen the opening of Herschel’s UK Production Facility, in Bristol. This step marks our continued commitment to increasing capacity of our energy efficient, comfortable and sustainable heating solutions to meet the growing demand from both UK and overseas markets. We were privileged to welcome guest speakers along to the event who commended the venture both in terms of the opportunity to decarbonise heating, in the road map to Net Zero, as well as creating prosperity within the UK economy. Watch the highlights of their presentations on the above link.

Our guest speakers were Darren Jones who officially opened the facility for Herschel, MP for Bristol North West and Chair of the Business and Trade Committee,  Jade Lewis, Sustainable Energy Association, Dr Richard Hall, Department for Business and Trade and Simon Pugh-Jones RIBA, Chair of Bristol Diocesan Advisory Committee and Contributor to the Church of England’s Route Map to Net Zero.

Herschel World Map

Herschel Worldwide

At Herschel Infrared, we are proud to have representatives across the globe, providing an enhanced experience for our international customers. Our dedicated team, from North America, to Europe, to the southern hemisphere, ensures that we understand the unique needs of different regions, offering personalised support and tailored heating solutions. With a commitment to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, our representatives are there to assist customers worldwide, creating a seamless experience and delivering exceptional heating solutions to customers across the globe.

Take a look inside Herschel Infrared

Why Herschel?

Customer Service

Customers are our number 1 priority, we aim to provide the highest level of support & service

Unrivalled Expertise

Longest serving UK brand with the widest skills in application & knowhow

Global Distribution

UK number 1 with global distribution across Europe, the Southern Hemisphere & America

Sharing the benefits of Herschel Infrared with Robert Llewellyn

The Herschel Team

All of Herschel’s employees are passionate about the benefits of infrared heating and share the Company’s ethos for providing the highest levels of customer service.

Herschel infrared heating panels

Production in UK, Germany, Ireland & Far East

Each of our manufacturing units specialises in its own range and continually strives to deliver innovation. Our latest UK manufacturing facility opened in Spring 2023.

Herschel's Bristol based warehouse

The UK’s largest stocks of infrared heaters

Offering next day delivery on 95% of products. Our heaters are available from all national electrical wholesalers, many regional electrical wholesalers and builders merchants and Travis Perkins.

Personalised picture panels provide the perfect heating solution

Our Aim - To pioneer the use of Infrared as a comfort heating solution for our customers by:

  • constantly striving to develop and produce highly innovative products;
  • providing the most comprehensive range of heaters to address the widest range of applications;
  • applying and building on our unrivalled expertise & knowhow;
  • providing the best support for dealers and customers;
  • being the first and only Infrared supplier to provide training and ensure our dealers and installers are properly accredited.

William Herschel’s Discovery in 1800

We are proud to be continuing the legacy of Sir William Herschel, who made his incredible discovery of the existence of infrared radiation right back in 1800. Prior to Herschel’s discovery, no-one else had considered that this heat was another form of light. The Herschel home, now the Herschel Museum of Astronomy in Bath, where William used to live and the garden from which he discovered the planet Uranus with a telescope, is now heated by a Herschel Inspire Picture panel featuring an image of the Planet Uranus.

Watch Astronomer Robert Fosbury, from the Herschel Museum of Astronomy, as he describes how Herschel made his amazing discovery and how he describes infrared as ” comforting heat”.

As seen on TV Herschel at diy sos

Our Values

  • Integrity – we act with the utmost integrity in all our dealings with customers and other stakeholders;
  • Passion – we are passionate about Infrared heating and our products;
  • Pioneering – we lead the way in Infrared innovation and its application;
  • Quality – we always seek to provide quality service, advice, support and products;
  • Customer focused – we believe that our customers are our business and are always at the forefront of our decision-making;
  • Social Responsibility – we fully believe in the environmental and health benefits of using Infrared and its ability to heat people in a more cost effective, sustainable and affordable way.

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