BBC Two ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ features our infrared heaters for garden rooms

Thrilled to see the latest episode of ‘Your Home Made Perfect’, on BBC2, showcasing Herschel infrared heaters for garden rooms on their most recent property renovation. The TV presenter describes how the winning architect has “gone for an energy efficient heating system that frees up wall space usually covered by radiators”.  Laura Jane Clark, TV Architect, adds “These are brilliant, they’re infrared panels rather than normal electric panels. These actually radiate infrared light to heat up the surrounding material so it doesn’t heat up the air, doesn’t change the atmosphere and often these garden rooms get quite damp and infrared heating is brilliant. It works exactly the same way as the sun as the sun heats by infrared so you’ve got little mini suns. They’re silent as well”.

Herschel infrared heaters on Your Home Made Perfect

The exciting new BBC2 property makeover programme uses virtual reality to show the homeowners how the competing designs of the two architects will look, allowing them to choose their preferred design. Contact us for more information on how our infrared heaters for garden rooms are the perfect choice: a space saving design that also reduces damp, frequently a problem in these spaces. More details to follow soon on our case study.

Your Home Made Perfect TV installs Herschel infrared heating for garden room

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