Heating Sarah Beeny’s project, Stokeford Studios, with Halo

Meeting Sarah Beeny

Last November, Herschel visited Stokeford Studios, UK, to discuss heating Sarah Beeny’s latest project – a sustainable barn redevelopment that will be used primarily as a tv and film studio.  Sarah was specifically looking for an efficient solution for heating people occupying the large gallery space. The redevelopment also has a large solar array.

Heating Sarah Beeny

Our team were thrilled to meet Sarah, the TV property and development expert, and subsequently recommended Herschel’s Halo heater to warm the space. Fitting Sarah’s brief of sustainability, the Herschel Halo infrared heater is manufactured in the UK and has been specially designed to minimise embodied carbon and maximise recyclability, using British steel and no hazardous components.

The Halo utilises far infrared that delivers heat to people directly, in precise zones, rather than needing to heat the entire space. Heating in this way will ensure a highly efficient solution that is ideal for Sarah’s gallery, where people will often be sitting still for long periods.

“So, this is a massive studio, and this is the gallery where people will sit on computers watching things being made and of course they’re going to be still, you can’t heat all this space because it would cost an absolute fortune. I thought I’d try infrared heating because I’ve been interested in that for a while and you can get these amazing infrared – sort of halos – which they use a lot in churches, so they not only have lights but also, they have heating elements, which means that they directly heat the objects and not the space itself. So up here, where it might be really cold, this would be the perfect place for one”. Sarah Beeny.

Herschel Team and the Herschel Halo used in Sarah Beeny's project Stokeford Studios

A Bespoke Halo Design for Sarah Beeny

The Halo heater can also incorporate lighting with the option to tailor the finished design with bespoke colour and decoration to complement the interior. The specific Halo designed for heating Sarah Beeny’s studio features dimmable LED lights plus a bespoke logo design and a bronze finish. The lights can be controlled separately from the heating and the Halo is installed alongside a 3-button smart switch which enables 3 power levels.

Herschel Halo used in Sarah Beeny's project Stokeford Studios

Sarah Beeny discusses the Halo Warmth and Solar

Sarah Beeny showcases the Halo heater on her instagram account – watch the moment here where Sarah switches on the Halo (with lights) and feels the warmth.

“We have lights.  And, here, I’m going to turn the heating on. So, you just press these buttons.  It’s now got three lots of heating so it’s full whack heat.  And, oh, I can feel it already! That’s so quick!  Look at that. Not only a thing of beauty, but also brilliant engineering. And it actually works!  And it’s running on a solar………This is brilliant”. Sarah Beeny.

Sarah Beeny with Herschel Halo at Stokeford Studios

The stunning chandelier Halo heater is ceiling-suspended over the gallery space to provide a warm, easy to control and sustainable heating solution for Sarah, powered by solar. The installation can be viewed by clicking on the photo below.

Heating Sarah Beeny with Herschel Halo

It was a delight to meet and work with Sarah and see the Halo infrared heater installed within her latest project.

Contact our team if you’d like to discuss our Halo heating solutions for your projects.

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