Replacing storage heaters with Herschel makes fantastic savings

Are you considering replacing your night storage heaters?

If you currently have night storage heaters, you’ll want to take a look at this recent feedback from a Herschel customer on Achill Island, off the West coast of the Republic of Ireland.

“I have checked my electric Ireland account and I am stunned….Much less than anticipated!”

Mr Shannon originally got in contact with Herschel as he was looking for a warmer heating solution for his holiday home. Previously he had been consistently greeted by a cold and damp property upon arrival.

Back in April 2017, after Herschel infrared heaters had been installed, Mr Shannon had commented “Our holiday home is snug, dry and warm for the first time….no more damp. Herschel panels have transformed the house”.  Now in 2019, he has been monitoring his electric usage and is “stunned”.

Mr Shannon’s figures show that, compared to his previous night storage heaters, which he says were not keeping his house sufficiently warm, he has experienced an impressive 45% saving on energy consumption replacing storage heaters with Herschel infrared. This has led to a saving on his electric bill of 32%.  Fantastic savings in addition to a holiday home that is now cosy, and more comfortable, upon arrival and damp-free.

Mr Shannon is now exploring options for solar and battery storage alongside his infrared heating. We’ll bring you another update with any further developments so watch this space.  More details on Mr Shannon’s install can be found here.

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