We discuss decarbonising heat in homes with the Fully Charged team!

We’re thrilled to have worked with the Fully Charged team to help spread the word on our Herschel Infrared heating solutions and the opportunities they provide for lowering carbon emissions quickly in the UK – the smart route to net zero. Fully Charged is the world’s number 1 clean energy and electric vehicle YouTube channel which looks to actively educate its viewers on cleaner energy solutions.

The full 15 minute video can be watched here.

We had a fantastic time filming with Robert Llewellyn to showcase how infrared offers a green, electric solution for those looking to decarbonise their heating and help deliver against the UK’s net zero targets. Jane and Paul, from our Herschel team, discuss all things ‘Herschel Infrared’ with Robert, including the results from a test by an independent university. These compare the efficiency, running costs and comfort levels of infrared versus an air source heat pump as well as an electric convector heater. The team discuss the many benefits of infrared, alongside these test results, to showcase how Herschel Infrared heating offers a very compelling electric heating solution that is readily available for the market now.

Whether you are looking to update your whole house heating system, heat an extension, a single room or just add some top-up warmth for a colder room, Herschel offers a practical and accessible solution for all. Infrared delivers an efficient, comfortable electric solution that can be installed on a room-by-room basis and works alongside solar and renewables.

Robert Llewellyn has purchased Herschel Infrared panels and shares his feedback in the video: “I’ve recently had some of their panels fitted in my home as part of a much bigger refit to go fully electric and I absolutely love them”.

Herschel filming with Robert Llewellyn on the smart route to net zero

Our YouTube channel also shows a number of case study videos from both domestic and commercial customers plus a fascinating explanation from Astronomer and Professor, Robert Fosbury, who explains how William Herschel made his discovery of infrared back in 1800.

If you would like assistance with your heating requirements, please contact us here and someone will be back in contact with you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Alternatively, if you fancy a great day out, come say hello to the Herschel team at the Fully Charged LIVE exhibition on Friday 29-30th April and 1st May at Farnborough International.  Use the discount code FCL10 online to get a 10% ticket discount. We’ll be on stand J40 and would love to show you our amazing heating technology.

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