Herschel Infrared Case Studies The Plant Collection Cafe Heating

The Plant Collection Cafe Heating


The Plant Collection, a Plant and Coffee Shop in Leeds, was looking for a heating solution for its newly opened premises.  The owners were keen to ensure they installed a sustainable cafe heating solution that was not only super cosy and relaxing for customers but also created an environment suitable for the vast collection of plants on offer to visitors.


Our 2.6kW far infrared Summit heaters were installed throughout the premises, thermostatically controlled by an MD2. The owners can control the temperature of the cafe heating to ensure a consistentent temperature is maintained throughout. They are particularly impressed with the results as the heaters have led to a previous problem with door swelling, and subsequent air gaps created, now being resolved. They are also very happy to report how well the plants are doing, with ideal growing conditions being carefully managed.

Infrared cafe heating from HerschelThe Plant Collection heated by Herschel


“We are so impressed by the quality, overall feel of heat and the ease of the install of the Summit heaters. The shop has never felt warmer and cosier, and the plants love the feel of the heat, no more hot dry air being blasted round the room drying everything out. One problem we had was that our old wooden front door used to swell with the bad weather and created an air gap between the door and door frame. Since we have been using the Summit heaters they have dried the door and frame out, allowing for a flush seal between the door and frame (something we did not expect).

Our customers love the feel of the heaters. Even though we spread them around the room to maximise coverage, we do have a couple of sofas underneath the Summit heaters and these tend to be the seats used most by our customers as they just cannot get enough of the infrared warmth”. Tom, The Plant Collection.

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