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Are infrared panels easy to install?

Infrared heating panels from Herschel are easy to install with several installation options to choose between. Herschel offers a range of Select XLS infrared panels that all come with the EASYFIX mounting system allowing for simple wall-mounting (and plug in to a mains socket) by keen DIY-ers. The Select XLS infrared panel range can also be professionally installed on a ceiling using a qualified electrician, requiring standard electrical not specialist skills, for a quick install. Inspire panels should be professionally installed and qualified electricians just need the provision of electricity and space to mount the panel heater. Optional feet are also available for purchase should a freestanding option be preferred for those seeking a no-install option for Herschel Infrared panel heaters.

Will the wiring make my house look messy?

The wires can be chased into the wall and completely hidden or else discretely fitted within cable trunking, in much the same way as you would do when installing any electrical device (i.e. a wall mounted flatscreen TV). Please consult your electrician or a Herschel Accredited installer for more advice.

Are there maintenance & servicing costs for Infrared Heaters?

There are no maintenance and servicing costs related with Infrared heating panels.

There are no moving parts or liquids or gases that require any form of annual maintenance contract. The other major benefit of Infrared panels is that in the rare case one should go wrong, you only need replace the one that has gone wrong and don’t lose heat from the entire system (unlike central heating boilers, heat pumps, biomass).

Typical annual maintenance contracts of other heating solutions are*:

  • Gas Boiler – £110 p/a
  • Reversible Air conditioning – £132 p/a
  • Air-water heat pump with zone controls – £210 p/a
  • Biomass boiler £400

(*Average data from manufacturer and installer websites).