Heating an Extraordinary Extension – As Seen on TV

Heating an Extraordinary Extension

We cannot wait to share these images from our customer’s stunning renovation….we think you’ll love it!

Featured on Channel 4’s Extraordinary Extensions (Series 2, episode 2, January 2024), and hosted by Tinie Tempah, Simon wanted to extend his 1960s home in Essex whilst ensuring there was no detrimental impact to the existing footprint. As you’ll see from the photos, the extension has more than achieved its aim. The extension has been beautifully designed, renovated and decorated, transforming their home by adding extra space and creating the perfect modern living environment.

As seen on Channel 4's Extraordinary Extensions

Why Infrared?

In terms of heating an Extraordinary Extension, as with any renovation project, it’s crucial that the heating system is effective, and easy to control, to ensure consumption and costs are managed as efficiently as possible. In addition, people are increasingly looking to make a sustainable choice with a move to electric. Simon’s plan is to add a solar array to his property, paving the way for an all-electric setup that is powered by solar energy, allowing him to future-proof his home. The all-electric set-up is being explored and implemented by a substantial number of our climate-conscious customers, with many simply transferring to a renewable energy tariff to achieve a sustainable heating system.

As well as providing a sustainable electric heating solution, infrared heating also offers a number of stylish finishes that are ideal for Simon’s contemporary interior decor.

Infrared heating Panels

Herschel Grey Round Panels installed on ceiling with White Panels in modern home extension

The extension has been heated by a combination of our infrared panel heating ranges. The white infrared panels are ceiling-mounted either side of the kitchen island, providing cosy warmth directly over the central living space whilst discreetly blending into the white painted ceiling.

In addition, our popular Select XLS Round panels are sited over the dining area, their stylish grey finish complementing the grey windows and kitchen and ensuring a sleek, eye-catching finish.

Herschel White infrared heating for extraordinary extensions


The panels are very warm and it doesn’t take long to heat the space (and stay warm).  With 5 metres to the highest point of the extension, heating the objects not the air is a big win!  As for bills, we can’t really compare as last winter we didn’t have heating!  However, the plan was, and is, to future proof the house with a move to electric which can eventually be run (along with all other appliances) via solar etc“. Simon, March 2024.

Next Steps

Simon is continuing with his renovation project, and we are delighted that they will be looking to install further Herschel Infrared panels in the dormer extension upstairs. A final mention should go to the stunning outdoor area, Simon also has a Colorado patio heater on his terrace to make sure those evenings spent enjoying time outdoors are maximised.

List of Suppliers involved in the Extraordinary Extension

If you’ve been inspired by this Chelmsford design project, the full list of suppliers can be seen here. Our full range of infrared heating panels for homes is available here. Simply contact us if you require assistance with your renovation project.

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