Herschel Infrared Testimonials “Giving off a really nice, constant heat”

“Giving off a really nice, constant heat”

I’m just taking you in our office to show the Herschel Summit infrared heaters which we recently retrofitted into our office….as I’m walking in the heaters are on and the warmth is lovely.  I thought some of you would be interested to see how they look and I think they are pretty subtle. It’s also freed up some warm space, we used to have convectional panel heaters on the walls….. which were very expensive to run, very difficult to control but also left you with a pillow of hot air at the top of the room whilst while you were sitting at your desk, especially your feet on the tiled floor would be very cold. This is giving off a really nice, constant heat …..and the really nice thing is they are controlled by a thermostat but we actually don’t use this as we have the Apps on our phone whereby we can adjust the schedule or boost, if necessary. It’s a really smart, stylish system from Herschel and results in even the flooring being quite warm whereas before you couldn’t take your shoes off in this office because the tiles were so cold………it’s a really pleasant heat throughout and it’s a big upgrade and hopefully a big energy saving.