Herschel Infrared Testimonials “Herschel has been a life changer”

“Herschel has been a life changer”

My whole house is running on Herschel infrared. First, the company were great to deal with and I would recommend them. Second, the quality of the panels are great, I’ve had experience with cheaper variants and they are just not the same league. Third, installation was straight forward. Fourth, though my electrical bill went up my overall outgoings have gone down, trying to break it down and my heating is around 30-40% cheaper than the oil heating I was using. Fifth, there are NO service costs and nothing to really go wrong with the system, add that saving to you annual bill and these panels really start to make sense! Here’s the bits they did not mention and that for me have been a life changer. I live in an old building that has no cavity and mould has always been a problem, installing these panels has massively helped that issue! I also suffer with sinus issues and conventional convection heating always make me stuffy and sets my nose off, but these panels don’t do that, in fact, it just feels like a sunny day. Lastly, using these panels have meant I have loads more space, all radiators are gone and the pipes that went with them which gives more usable space and also helps reduce the risk of burst pipes or floods etc and I moved to localised tankless water heaters in the kitchen and bathroom so there is now just one mains water pipe that comes in the house, goes under the sink and then up to the bathroom. so all the tanks in the attic have gone too!