“I’m really impressed…….Final point – it’s a really nice heat too. Weird to understand but trust me!”

I have this installed in a kitchen extension. In doubling the size of my (small) kitchen I was looking for a heating solution as there was no radiator in the kitchen already – I turned to infrared!

This heater is installed on the ceiling of the extension, at a slight pitch and so facing in to the room to provide a really comfortable warmth. It’s been absolutely fantastic. Hard wired and connected to a smart thermostat I control from the Smart Life app with smart automatic settings. I just leave it to come on if the temperature drops below 19 degrees and turn off above 21 degrees – to maintain a comfortable temperature. The rest of the house is heated by a conventional gas boiler system so this doesn’t do the hard work – just heats up an extra room without radiator effectively. It tends to come on for no more than an hour at a time, maybe 3-4 times a day. In this room there is a large window and door to the back garden (both double glazed) – so that includes the fact the door can open and close at regular times through the day. My energy costs have not changed AT ALL. I presume that’s through having a better insulated external wall/window/door with the new extension which has stopped heat escaping as it must have done previously, but it goes to show that this is not expensive to run. When I say my energy costs haven’t increased, bear in mind this also includes being at home a lot more with other electronic devices being used. So I’m really impressed, I haven’t done any scientific calculations but the efficiency must mean the cost of the heater is paying for itself at a good pace. Final point – it’s a really nice heat too. Weird to understand but trust me!