Herschel Infrared Testimonials “The courtesy & helpfulness of the staff has cheered me”.

“The courtesy & helpfulness of the staff has cheered me”.

In order to keep half a dozen of us comfortable outdoors, last winter, I bought 2 Colorado heaters, on their stands. Using one each end of the terrace, plus cosy travel rugs, my guests were surprised how comfortable we could be. I should just add that each Colorado must be on a different circuit, to avoid overload. Also, as I do not leave mine outdoors, I warn that they are heavy to move around. I use a pot trolley. Recently, I have used a single one indoors, with the french windows wide open, for meetings of book club, lunch with a friend etc. Without this heating, I would have had no social possibilities, due to lockdown, & also since then, because I am elderly & some of my friends are vulnerable too. I am aware of my duty to plan my use of resources ( my fan heaters are decades old; when one caught fire I felt that change was indicated). I also use a little Havana, which warms me really fast & makes changing in a cold bedroom less testing. I have given my daughter one to use by her desk, when working from home. The courtesy & helpfulness of the staff, over the phone, has cheered me. It is often hard to get anyone to give personal service, so I thank them most heartily. My only quibble is the lack of a waterproof cover I would like designed for my Colorado. I am a careful owner!