Herschel Infrared Case Studies City of Westminster College

City of Westminster College

Customer brief: to replace ineffective heating and warm reception staff desk

Elegant and Effective Warmth for Colleges


The college was looking at installing infrared heating at its flagship campus to warm the reception staff desk. The desk faces the main entrance automatic doors. The ceiling height is 8 metres, the design is open plan and walls and ceilings are mainly concrete, floor slate.  The area gets cold in the winter and the existing heaters are inefficient and ineffective due to space volume, stratification and air changeover as well as being unsightly.


Pulsar heaters are hung with 2.96m from the underside of the heater to the floor.  A chain and shackle system has been used to hang the heaters from an eye bolt that is fixed through the concrete slab overhead, with a 5m drop from the ceiling above to the eye bolt on top of the heaters.  The heaviness of the chain has stopped the potential for sway caused by wind coming through the reception doors.

Currently the heaters are controlled via 7 day timers.  In time, these will be integrated with their BMS system so they come on automatically under pre-defined parameters.


“We successfully installed the Herschel Pulsar units at our site in Paddington.  They look great and are working very well keeping the reception staff comfortable.  I am surprised by how effective they actually are considering the kW rating of the units.

To sum up why I am so happy with the heaters:

The heaters provide a natural feeling warmth that gently raises the temperature of the occupants and surrounding area.  The heaters are not obtrusive in their workings, they warm the people and surrounding surfaces without ever feeling like artificial heat.

They have proved great for our staff morale, are very safe and overcome the challenges on our site around air flow and stratification.  A very elegant solution. Thanks for such a great product and the advice around the installation”.

Floyd Milligan, City of Westminster College, Paddington Green, W2 1NB

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