Herschel Infrared Case Studies Heating for holiday cottages

Heating for holiday cottages

"A really quick, easy upgrade. The quality of the heat is a huge improvement"


The owner of Town Farm Cottages came to Herschel as he wanted to switch from alternative electric heating, plus oil fed heaters, to electric infrared heating. As there are multiple holiday cottages that William was looking to install new heating in, he decided he would start by trialling out Herschel Infrared in the on site office to see the results. Herschel Summit heaters were used for the trial and the case study, including video testimonial, can be seen here.


After a successful trial of Herschel heaters within the office, William then went ahead with the further installations within his holiday cottage complex. Select XLS infrared panels were installed, including ceiling-mounted white panels and wall-mounted mirror and towel heaters. William was very keen to be able to control the heaters through App-enabled thermostats to ensure flexible control from anywhere.

More details on the installation including owner testimonial and walk-around from William can be seen here.


“I’m just going to take you in to Barley End which is a barn conversion / rental property we’ve recently converted to infrared heating panels. As you come into the room you might not even notice them unless you’re looking. We have 2 x 1000W panels in the kitchen plus several other panels in the bedrooms and hallway. The control panel is here, we largely keep it locked so we can control the system from anywhere in the world using the really useful App.

The heat in here is lovely, the installation was super quick – less than 2 days – to put up 8 panels plus all the thermostats, spur switches and then making good from the decorator. Also, if you’re planning to install these infrared panels on the ceiling and especially if you have access to the loft space which we do then it’s pretty similar as it would be to install spotlights. So it’s a really quick, easy upgrade. The quality of the heat is a huge improvement, rather than the heat sitting up in the top part of the room it’s in your objects and your flooring and your people…. so you don’t have hot and cold spots throughout your room ……the warm air is distributed really evenly across the room. This has been a really quick and easy upgrade and we’re hoping that the lifespan and user friendliness of the system will be a big improvement for us here. So we’re going to take this idea into several of our other rental properties.

With thanks to William Leach, Town Farm Cottages

Cosy bedroom heating from Herschel Infrared

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