Herschel Infrared Case Studies Modular building: infrared heating powered by solar

Modular building: infrared heating powered by solar

Heating for new build modular buildings using Herschel Summit Heaters combined with solar

"The staff feedback has been very positive and the heat from the Herschel Summit units is very natural and highly controllable"


Muckamore Parrish Community Association building in Antrim, Northern Ireland, is a new-build, modular building design with high thermal efficiency.  This design lends itself to electric heating which worked well with the Association’s objective to demonstrate a sustainable approach to heat and power. They have a single-phase supply suitable for a 4kWp solar array to produce 3,700kWh of clean electricity per annum.


Herschel Summit 2.6kW heaters in Black were specified for the kitchen and living area as the powerful, zero-light heaters can be ceiling mounted to maximise the wall space. They were placed precisely above the seating areas for direct comfort and warmth. They were perfect as they enabled on-demand heating where and when required as not all of the building/rooms are in use at the same time. The Summit heaters create an effective yet discreet solution with a useful 50% setting for lower heat demand times.

Herschel Select XLS Mirror panel heaters are also installed within the bathrooms to provide a tasteful and space-saving heating system throughout. The combination of on-demand heating and solar provides cost efficient heat and power solution.


Andrew Stewart, project manager on behalf of MPDA prepared an initial design, which helped them achieve Building control approval with a detailed heat loss calculation and specification. He also worked with a local solar installer to design an integrated and efficient heat and power solution that was simple to install, and they co-ordinated site work alongside our main contractor.

” We liked the look of Herschel Infrared heating but were unsure of capital and running costs. We also planned to install solar to save on electric heating running costs. From initial contact to system commissioning, the whole process was simple. The staff feedback has been very positive and the heat from the Herschel Summit units is very natural and highly controllable. Part of our brief was to demonstrate sustainable building design – we’re delighted to have chosen Herschel and solar as an example of this.”

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